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[INTERVIEW] Koo Hye Sun with Woman Center August 2012-page 2

Reporter: You cast Jo SeungWoo-ssi. Is he an actor who held your attraction from the beginning?
GHS: Actually, I never had any type of connection with him before. This is very embarrassing but, because I hardly watch TV, I did not even know what kind of acting work he did before. I think he perceived my ignorance because, at our meeting, he asked me, “Director-nim, why in the world did you decide to cast me?” (laughter) But, I think it was better that I was not familiar with his previous acting. That way, I was not bound by the actor’s past roles; rather, we were able to work with more fresh emotions and reactions. 

Reporter: What type of director are you on location?
GHS: Inevitably, my staff and I undergo battles on location. Even if the staff and the actors may understand my script well, there is a limit to that understanding unless they are able to peer inside my head. However, I try my hardest to not to hurt the feelings of the people whom I work with. I tell myself to do my best to go soft and flexible. Due to the need to save and budget, I did make the staff and the actors suffer way too much. People ask me if I am able to communicate better with actors because I am an actress turned director. However, on location, I don’t think it works so well. (laughter)
Reporter: Are you anticipating a DaeBok?
GHS: Peach Tree’s breakeven point is 150,000 movie-goers. If 1,000,000 people watch the movie, it would be a super Daebok. People say that, these days, many movies are easily seen by over 1,000,000 watchers. But, still, there are many movies these days that easily disappear without a sound. Even if the movie is made with great actors, the real difficulties still remain. Distribution/circulation and communication seem just as or more important than the movie, the music, the drawings and the contents.

Reporter: The fact that one is well-known does not help?
GHS: From my experience, things do not necessarily work out easily just because I am well known. Of course, I am more a familiar person. However, there can be more misunderstandings as well. When I wrote a book at age 25, more people reacted with, “Why suddenly now”? It was like that at the art exhibit opening as well. People did not know that I have been working at my art since childhood. It showed to me that I have been too reserved and passive about letting people know about me. So, first, I felt that I needed to do the work that revealed the real me. I felt that if I reveal anything and everything, things can change for the better. Of course, I would then need a good producer. 

Reporter: So, did GHS-ssi meet a great producer?
GHS: Yes. Because I met a good distribution company like YG Entertainment, I feel I was able to concentrate more fully on my multiple projects (laughter).  (After making her first short film, GHS knocked on many production companies to support her new movie endeavors but to no avail. They were not interested in a newbie. So, ultimately, she went to her Agency’s president for movie production. At first, he nearly flipped backwards after hearing that there are 80 film staff. President Yang agreed to produce the movie on the condition that he is not responsible for the cost of GHS herself.)

Reporter: Did President Yang HyunSuk again invest into your movie this time?
GHS: No. A difficulty arose after an investment came in. We had a confirmed investor who suddenly experienced a problem just one week before the crank-in. It was an extremely difficult situation. I stressed over the problem until I realized that I may not have the chance again to work with actors like Jo SeungWoo, Ryu DukHwan and Nam SangMi. So, I decided to produce the movie myself. The actors did not even properly receive any guarantees; we agreed to share any profit together if the movie does well (laughter).

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Age at which security in love is her dream:
To GHS, love has always been the topic of conversation. She experienced fire-hot love; she searched for good people; she even tried very hard to maintain the relationship. At one time, she was all for love. She says, “At that time, I think I loved me more for loving another person. I realized it approaching age 30.”

Reporter: President Yang is married and has a child already. Aren’t you envious?
GHS: I am very envious. But, right now, I have so many things to do. Also, marriage is an institution created by the society and I do not want to make stress for myself because of it.  I may say that, but, of course, I may suddenly marry tomorrow if I meet an OK person. (laughter)

Reporter: You are not dating?
GHS: Even now, if I hear of other people dating, I would think, they must be happy. How come I am not getting a boyfriend? But I am happy and good now. If something does not seem to fit logically, I am a type of person who has a real hard time following through with my behavior. However, love is not logical; it is something that one falls plump into. That is why it is hard for me to date. Just yesterday, I was asking my sister whether it might be impossible for me to marry since I do this and that. I have not dated for so long that my sense about dating is gradually being buried. I rarely feel loneliness. At this time, my point of view about love is confusion. (laughter)

Reporter: What kind of men are you looking for?
GHS: When I was young, I liked without a thought.  As I approach 30’s, I look for good people. But it seems that all the good men are married already. (laughter)  The person’s disposition/temperament is very important to me. I especially believe that if a person makes a mistake, he will continue to make same mistake repeatedly. If a person makes an inappropriate statement, I believe it is because the person actually has such thoughts inside of him. That is why, even if a person has all the great conditions and even has the look of Jang DongGun and Won Bin, I completely lose interest if he carelessly makes an inappropriate statement. Rather than attraction, I think I am searching more for security. 

Reporter: Aren’t your parents worried that you have not dated for so long?
GHS: My mom actually says why one has to be married to have a child. Half jokingly and half seriously, my mom would at times say that her greatest regret is having children. I also think that when a woman has a child, her own life disappears. Of course, happiness can be found in motherhood. But, isn’t it OK to enjoy one’s life more? These days, I am reading Tolstoy’s Marriage. A husband’s murder of his wife is comically woven and solved in the novel. The theme of “worrisome children” is often talked about in the book and I think many women will identify with it. I am enjoying the book very much. 

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