Saturday, August 11, 2012


 복숭아 나무, credit : Koo Hye Sun's Twitter @koohs

'누군가는 그들을 괴물로 볼것이며 괴물로 알것입니다.' 소외되었던 샴쌍둥이의 어른 동화! 구혜선 감독. 조승우,류덕환,남상미 주연의 영화 '복숭아 나무' 스틸컷을 공개합니다.

'Some will see them as monsters and some will know them as such'. An adult fairy tale of alienated Siamese twins. Peach Tree, directed by GHS, starrng Jo SeungWoo, Ryu Duk Hwan and Nam Sang Mi. Presenting the still cuts from the film.

 English translation by cheerkoo @GHS thread soompi

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