Friday, September 21, 2012

Summary of an Article about KHS 2nd Solo Exhibition

 English translation by cheerkoo @GHS thread soompi page 1020

Reported by Asian Economy’s Oh JinHee—
Exhibit  opened at 2pm on the 18th.
GHS says that it costs about 3,000,000won to make one sterile medical transporting car for the children with leukemia.  Although she never put her art for sale before, she has decided to sell for the sake of those kids.
GHS is displaying 60 older art pieces and 60 new art pieces. Her works come in different sizes and also in three-dimensional forms too.  Included in her arts are fish, butterfly, duck, tree, hands and faces and etc.  Goo stated that butterflies and fish emanate feelings of beauty and freedom and are symbols of romance. She wanted hands and faces to meet (?and integrate) with those symbols.
The purpose of this exhibition: One year ago, she met a boy who suffered from leukemia. Because she was so busy with her work that she feels guilty that she did not properly look after him. So, to help child like him, she decided to work further on her art and have this exhibition.
Regarding her art pieces: She decided to look at ordinary things with special meanings.  So, she may remember something from the past, gain inspiration from it and make her art creation. For example, she has an art piece called “fish” or “raw fish”.  That piece comes from a memory of her father actually catching and making the raw fish dish for her when she was a little girl. She had a sketch about it as a little girl and she linked that sketch with other feelings and memories and came up with her current art piece called “Fish/Raw Fish”.
Critic Kim Jong Geun: “GHS is creating her own style of art. She is an artist who can describe her emotions in great detail and meeting all senses.”

GHS was asked questions:
Where do you get your energy to do all that you do? When do you sleep?
I get energized by my family who support me and by my little friends who are hopeful looking up at me. Once I start my work, I nearly forget about sleeping. Whenever I do have time, I get brief sleep here and there.  I also believe that, in order to do something well, I need to do many different things.  To make a movie, I felt strongly that I need to draw and write. Everything may look incomplete/imperfect, but I believe that I have to do it that way.
What is drawing/painting /art to you?
They heal and comfort me.  Perhaps my art may not have much value but, to make the donation, I decided to make numerous art pieces this time. I did hope that painting and drawing will have different purpose that for selling. I hope that the art pieces not only give joy to the buyer but I also hope that they will be enjoyed for the cultural/artistic purpose as well.
Did you study art in the past?
I started to draw at age 6. I did not study art at any special art institute. I had a teacher who studied art nearby and she would give me a drawing paper everyday to draw. Recently, while studying making movies at school, I had the opportunity to continue to draw as well.
Is there anything else that you want to challenge yourself?
I want to learn to farm in the rural area and eat off the land. My father grows grapes and watermelons and we would enjoy eating them and make meals with lettuces that we planted. So, I want to learn about farming.

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