Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Should be Grateful I Could Read 'Tango'

One day, I had a talk with a MinSunner about novel 'Tango' and Hye Sun's plan to publish novel 'Peach Tree'. I said I want to have 'Peach Tree' novel too. She said that she hopes she can read one of Hye Sun's books. After I knew her hope, I asked to myself, "Am I too greedy want to have 'Peach Tree' novel too?". At that time I thought many fans who still hope 'Tango' novel will be published in English or in their languages. I should be grateful that 'Tango' is published in my country.

Let's learn to be grateful for what we can have in our life. Maybe outside there, there are people want something that we have, but they can have it.

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