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Koo hye Sun-YTN News Issue and People

[ English translation by cheerkoo @GHS thread soompi page 1043]

I will summarize from the video clip directly and skip the intro about GHS as multi-talented star. The two  mc’s greet GHS very formally.
Male addresses her as Goo  Director-nim and asks if her staff calls her that way and whether she feels comfortable being called that way.
GHS-yes, they call me as Goo-director. (laughs) This is my 5th directing so I am adjusted to it by now.
Man asked if all her movies opened in theatres.
GHS-no, three are short films of which one is a 3-D film and now it is my second feature-length film.
Woman asks her to introduce PT. GHS explains it One body and two faced mutation, a Siamese twins, and their story and how their lives change and grow through a meeting with a warm-hearted woman.
Man asks how is that appear on screen? GHS laughs and says that it appears just as she said. She says she has done some special make-up as well as CG. GHS further describes what roles the actors play. 

 Woman asks how GHS thought of the Siamese story?
GHS-I wrote the script in 2010 and filmed it in 2011. In 2010, I was pondering about why I was born and why am I living on like this, etc. I stressed over those thoughts as well as about dual selves of individuals. And, that is how I got the idea.
Man asks what message she is ultimately trying to send through Siamese concept.
GHS-The two brothers actually hate/resent each other. Despite that, they realize that they love each other and support each other and that they live for those who love them. Such messages are enclosed.
Woman asks about the title.
GHS-First of all, PT appears in the movie and lots of sadness and events occur around the tree. Besides that peach reminds me of a baby, fluffy. It also reminds me of baby’s bottoms. The peach also symbolizes the blessing of the twins’ birth. That is how the title came about.
Man comments that it is difficult to find the real model of such a Siamese twins in this world. Right?
GHS—not only that, it is a scientifically and medically impossible.  So it is a fantasy but at the same time, I felt that many emotions can flow out from it.. So, I just made it up.
Man-you wrote the script? Could not have been that easy.
GHS—I really did have to use lots of imagination so it was. But on the other hand, I felt I could stretch as far as I can given that it was a fantasy.
Man—have you always been so full of creativity?
GHS—no,,,,I think I am as creative as other people are.
Woman asked about the casting. GHS says that NSM has been her friend for a long time. She feels that NSM is truly an angel and wanted to observe her more. She has once told NSM that she wants to one day make a movie based on NSM. She sent the script to JSW and RDH and both responded positively.
Man asked if the actors agreed to do the movie because of Director GHS?
GHS-No, I don’t think so. If that is the reason, I would think that they would have been more fearful and stressed about it. Three years ago I wrote a novel Tango and JSW told me that he read it while he was in the army and was moved by it. Because of that he read my script with more positive feelings.
Man—Even with RDH, they are top stars. As top stars to agree to take on a movie directed by a rookie director is still a big risk for them.
GHS—I think they were interested in the script and, given that this type of fantasy movies hardly exists in Korea, they felt a great thirst for such a genre. So, they were just as invested in the sentiment of “let us make this movie together”. In a way, they raised/nurtured me. To all the actors, it was yet another challenge that they decided to take on.
Man—if they all agreed to do the movie after reading the scenario, the scenario must be very interesting.
GHS—yes. That is how I want to respond. (laughter)
Man-how about the movie?
GHS-I really want to say that I am satisfied with it 200%.
Woman—by meeting you in person, I see that you are a quiet person. You say that NSM is an angel but I think that you are like that too. I am curious about you as a director on location as well.
GHS-I am more of a lazy director. But if I can say one thing confidently about me is trust. I trust and have faith in them.
Man—but doesn’t a director have to exude charisma, more than trust and belief, for lots of people to follow you?
GHS—we communicate a great deal. But, in terms of having the ability to lead people, I feel strongly that it is trust/belief/faith that keeps the work moving forward.
Man—have you always been so kind-hearted?
GHS—no (laughter)
Man—what do people around you say about you?
GHS—they say I am very stubborn.
Man- you are kind but very stubborn.
GHS—but I do tell them it is just how I feel.
Woman—when you see the actors act in your movie, didn’t you want to act too?
GHS—I do have an interest. But maybe one day I can.
Man—you could have played NSM’s role.
GHS—(laughter) People do say that, but because I created that charcter out of watching NSM that I did not have any such desire.
Man—what kind of person is NSM that,,,,
GHS-if you watch the movie, you will understand.
Woman—as a director, I am sure all scenes were work of love but was there any part of the movie that took your particular effort and concern?
GHS-The fact that two actors had to appear attached, I really did not want it to look ??cheap?/artificial?. So I really wanted to concentrate on their expressions of emotions. So, I took lot of effort and time for that aspect. There is a scene where NSM runs fast in the cold winter. So, it was really difficult for her. So, it was a scene that made all of us  concerned and worried.
Man—you said that you are happy with the movie 200%. But do you think that the general public will also feel that much interest?
GHS—I would say they would. I made my first movie very much in the style of experimental, independent movie. After that experience, I researched a great deal on how to make the movie a little more approachable to the  public. I do feel that it is more approachable than the previous one.
GHS—VIP Premier will be on 24th and the opening will be on 31st.
Woman—did you receive separate education on directing?
GHS—no. I really feel that it is very difficult to receive education around directing. There was hardly any professional training that I received. I feel that on-location experience is absolutely important. I also feel that it is important to try all types of things. I do believe that school education is very important but I think actual work experience is the most important. Also, I watched and learned a great deal while working as an actress. That experience was invaluable. It is not that I ever acted in a movie..But working on the drama set is similar to working on a movie as there are always camera and actors around.
Man—there is an old saying that it is better to dig one side a long time to make a well. But to do so many things cannot make you  expert in one thing. And you are doing so many things.
GHS—Directing is a field that is hard to become a specialist. To make a video/movie, one needs to have a script and music, and art. All those aspects must be mixed well together like a BIBimBap to creat something. That is how I think. So, I believe that one has to try all kinds of work to do this one work really well. In a way, I see that directing movies require cross-disciplinary study.
Man—I do agree with you that as a director, such effort is necessary. But as an actress, don’t you have to concentrate on that one thing in order to become better?
GHS—Actually, people often say that actors must be multi-talented. When I act, I could come out as an artist, a musician, etc. That is why, to become a better actor, various experience is also crucial. Of course, it is important to study and practice emotions to become a better actor, but it are also important to put oneself in another workers’ shoes to act better as well. To me actor is someone who constantly learns also. (she played on words---In Korean, actor is “bae-woo”. To learn in Korean is “bae-woo-dah”. So she said, bae-woo must always bae-woodah.” )
Man—You also speak so well.
Woman—you are always challenging yourself in various things. Is there a reason for that?
GHS—Rather than saying a reason, I would say, for me, it is about the drive to make myself more complete.
Man—perfecting oneself…then, as you do many things, do you find yourself becoming more complete?
GHS—yes..a little by little. I do believe that I will end up unfinished at the end. But I also feel that all the imperfect things that we do and have done are, in a way, life’s little steps towards reaching that completeness. I do believe that I will learn all my life until the very end. I will be a perpetual student.
Man—It would look as if one is climbing a mountain with various tasks that one is constantly building on…you are doing various things. Then are you also doing more with the other art?
GHS—yes, I recently had a second art exhibition. I continue on with all my activities and want to be able to relate to all types of people through them.
Man—when you had the exhibition, what was the experts’ comments?
GHS—Art is is so subjective that, if one feels some identification with my art, s/he may be positively influenced. But it is hard to judge art. I feel that art is about putting my thoughts in as well as respecting those around me and moving forward together. But many have given me positive feedbacks.
Woman,,,do you have any plans for newer challenges?
GHS—not at all. I would like to continue to do what I am doing now with more depth and more development and improvement.
Man-Given all that you do, I feel that you would have to put in more effort than other people, How do you deal withit all and manage yourself in the process?
GHS—there isn’t anything particular but I try not to give myself too much stress. Good habits are of course good. But most importantly, I try hard not to give myself too much feelings of pressure. I feel it is important to enjoy it…I want to feel that I am playing as I work.  That is how I try to think and so I don’t have any particular self-management techniques. (I love her philosophy for work!!)
Man—so, ultimately, you are doing all these because you are happy and want to do them.
GHs—yes..I think that is the central point.
Man—how many hours do you sleep per night?
GHS—it is different depending on the situation. But on the average, I seep about 4 to 5 hours.
Man-4 hours! She certainly is different. (GHS laughs)
Woman—the title of “ulzzang” always follows you around. How do you feel about that?
GHS—I like it. I am happy with it. I feel no burden from it.
Woman—so, you are enjoying it.
Man-To do all the things that you do…you had to give up things to achieve. You do manage that?
GHs—yes. I do try my best to control my emotions. Actually I think that is the primary thing. I govern myself day and night  so that I can try to make something.
Man—day and night. It is an important discipline but it is not an easy task. Do you have a certain method?
GHs—Most importantly, fears must be conquered. Second, it is important to make tons and tons of mistakes and failures by directly implementing what one wants to do and achieve. No matter what, fears have to be dealt with by moving the thoughts into action…that is the work and I think about it a great deal.  (this is not easy to do….what enormous courage one has to have to conquer the fears!!!!)
Woman—but when trying many new things, it is inevitable to have failures or things not working out. Such incidents can make one feel stressed and even angry. How do you deal with them?
GHS—for those incidents, it is urgently important to quickly forgive oneself. (I just love, love this!! She made me cry!!)
GHS—Also, I do not make success the goal of the work. Doing a good job is important, but, I feel that a good management of the process of one’s work is even more important.  (YES!! And I love these two mc’s for asking great questions and picking GHS’s brain like this!! Keke)
GHS—so, I practice trying to forget speedily and to speedily get up and get moving again.
Man—I think that all the viewers listening are inspired and awed by you. Our PD thinks ?? motivational seminar?? (GHS cracks up)
Man talks about GHS not wearing or not wanting to wear dresses on red carpet.
GHS—no. I was more often invited as a director in movie festivals. Also, I want to appear more approachable to the audience. It was not that being informal was important but that, especially when I made the moive, I wanted the public to feel comfortable reaching out to me. That is how I decided on the outfits for the festivals.
Man—so, that means that you could wear dresses as an actress.
GHS—if there is a chance, I would like to. When I marry, don’t you think I will wear a dress? A wedding dress? (GHS and woman both laugh.)
Man—when are you thinking about getting married?
GHs—mmmm I would like to marry past 30.
Man—You are nearly 30. Right?
GHS—yes. (laughter)
Man-I understand. Whatever the occasion, we would all look forward to you wearing a dress. After this talk, I realized that we can anticipate a great deal about you from now on. Thank you for coming.

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