Wednesday, November 14, 2012

[Fan's Sharing] A Fan Watched Peach Tree with Her Daughter

수능시험으로 중1 딸이 학교를 쉬게되서 딸과 함께 복숭아나무를 봤다.
개봉전부터 이야기는 해놨지만 시간이 안맞아 같이 못보다가 두번을 미리보고 세번째만에 딸과 함께 봤다.
두번을 보면서 가족이야기라는 점,사춘기딸에게 도움이 될거라는 확신으로 영화관에 들어섰다.
중1이라 조금 지루하면 어떻게하나 걱정도 되었다. 미리 앉아 들어오는 사람의 수를 세어보았다.
그래도 두번 볼때보다는 의외로 사람이 많았다
영화가 시작되면서 딸은 조금 무서워도했지만
집중하며 보았다..
내가 감동해서 눈물을 흘리는부분에선 딸도 울고 있었다.
다행이다라는 안도감과 마음이 통하는것같아 가뻤다..나와서도 딸과 영화로 많은 이야기를 할수있었다.
복숭아나무는 책을 읽고 독후활동을 하는 느낌처럼 다양한 생각과 이야기를 끄집어 냈다.
구감독도 이런 반응을 원하지않았을까 싶다.
20대에 이만한 깊이의 자식같은 작품을 냈다는것만으로도 대단하다고 생각한다.
앞으로 더 나아질 구감독이 기다려진다.
딸이 생각할수있어 좋았다고 한다.그럼 된거다...
즐거운 하루였다^^ 


 English translation by cheerkoo @GHS thread soompi page 1061

(Another DC friend took her daughter who is a first year student in a junior hs(=meaning she is in 9th grade)--- Loved this post!!)

DC friend saw PT twice by herself and then took her daughter as their time clashed a great deal. This time she went to see the movie knowing that it is about family. She felt that the movie could be helpful to her daughter starting her adolescence. She worried whether the movie might be a bit boring to her teenager. She also realized that there were lot more people in the theatre than when she viewed it alone twice. (Yipee!!!!) When the movie started, her daughter was a bit scared. But then she watched it with concentration. 

When I was crying, I realized that my daughter was also crying. I felt such relief and happiness that somehow my daughter and I can connect. Even after the movie, my daughter and I talked so much about the movie. We even read the PT book and talked even further about so many things. I think this is what Director Goo wanted for all of us. 

For someone in her twenty's to come up with something so deep that is is like her own child, she is just amazing. I anticipate Director Goo in the future will only get better. My daughter says that she likes it because it made her think. That is good enough for  me.  I had a wonderful day.

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