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[Interview] Koo Hye Sun with Lifestyle Magazine M25

<구혜선> 구혜선 =<GHS> She is filled to the top.
깡통이 요란하다는 , 구혜선을 보고 나서야 제대로 이해했다. 재능과 열정으로 구혜선은 요란하지 않았다. They say that empty can is very noisy. I think now I understand what that means after having met GHS. GHS is filled to the top with talents and passion. She is not noisy at all. 
 English translation by cheerkoo @GHS thread soompi page 1067

직접 연출한 상업영화 <복숭아나무> 개봉했어요. 본격적으로 감독이라는 수식어가 붙을 텐데 감회가 어때요?=PT opened in theatres. How do you feel being called a director?   
솔직히 영화보다 제가 많은 관심을 받아서 그런지 그냥 빨리 손을 떠났으면 좋겠어요(웃음). 키워놓은 자식이잖아요. 작품성으로 평가받아야죠. ‘감독 구혜선이라는 말은 좋아요. 부담감보다 책임감이 느껴지는 수식어예요. 영광스럽기도 하고. 근데 글씨를 되게 쓰시네요. 클래식하게. Actually I wish that the movie itself can receive lot more interest than on me. I wish it could leave my side as soon as possible. (laughter) It is a child that I fully raised already. It needs to be evaluated solely on its own virtue. I like being called Director GHS. Rather than feeling burdened, I feel more responsible by the title. I also feel honored. Wow, your penmanship is really good…very classic.

, 고마워요. 선배들은 쓴다고 매일 놀리는데. ‘배우 출신 감독이라 스태프들의 텃세나 불편한 점도 있었을 같은데.Thank you. My superiors tease me that I don’t write well. Is there any difficulties because you are an actress when you deal with the staff?  
그렇게 생각한 스태프들도 있었겠지만 현장에서는 아무도 표현하지 않았어요. 저보다 연장자이고 경험도 많은 분들이었거든요. 저에게 많은 가르쳐주고 믿음을 줬어요. 사실 배우 출신이라 장점이 많다고 봐요. 연기를 해봤으니깐 배우의 상태든 촬영장 상황이든 아무래도 이해하잖아요. Some staff may feel that way, but they do not express it on location. All the staff members are more experienced and experts in their areas. They teach me a lot and give me their trust/faith. Actually, I personally feel that there are more benefits just because I am an actress. Since I have acted, I feel that I can understand more of filming as well as acting situations.

남상미 씨가 여주인공인데, 연기를 보면서내가 직접 해보고 싶다 생각한 적은 없어요? Although NSM is the lead actress, did you feel like you might have wanted to act in your movie?  
질문을 많이 하시는지 모르겠어요(웃음). 시나리오 작업할 때부터 ()상미만 염두에 두고 있었어요. 개인적인 친분이 있기도 했지만 워낙 좋은 배우고 그만큼 예쁘게 찍고 싶은 욕심이 있었죠.I don’t know why so many people ask me that question. (laughter ) When I was even writing the script, I already had NSM in mind. I am her friend but she is also a wonderful actress. I wanted to make my movie just as pretty as she is.

촬영장에서는 어떤 감독이에요? 마냥 착할 같은데.What kind of director are you? I would think you are very kind director. 에이, 그렇지는 않아요. 저는 그냥게으른 감독인 같아요(웃음). 어떤 교수님이리더는 게을러야 한다 하시더라고요. 리더가 조급해하면 따라오는 사람들이 힘들어 한다고. 전적으로 공감해요. 그래서 저는 일부러 약속도 10 정도 늦게 나가는 편이에요. 핑계가 아니라 타인에 대한 배려예요, 배려(웃음). 
Neh. Not really. I just…am more of a lazy director. One professor said, “Leader must be lazy.” If the leader is impatient, the people who need to follow him will feel burdened. I agree with that. That is why I am late to appointments by about 10 min on purpose. It is not an excuse but a consideration for the other person. Consideration (laughter).

만약 연기자가 되지 않았다면감독구혜선을 만나지 못했을까요?  If you did not become an actress, maybe we would never have met the Director GHS? 아니요. 속도는 달랐겠지만 언제가 됐든, 어떤 방법을 써서든 감독이 됐을 같아요. 워낙 관심이 분야였으니깐 무엇이든 방법을 찾고 노력해서 어떤 영상이든 만들고 있었을 거예요. don’t think so. Perhaps the speed of timing could be different. I think that I would have tried everything possible to become a director. I have always had such huge interest in the field that I would have tried hard to make some type of images and videos.
연기, 연출, 미술, 음악, 집필까지 정말 다재다능해요. 하고 싶은 일을 하는 같아 부럽기도 한데, 지금 삶에 만족해요? You are truly multi-talented because you do acting, directing, drawing, composing and even writing. I envy you because you seem to be doing everything that you like. So, are you happy with your life?  
, 살아가고 있는 같아요. 만족스럽기도 하고요. 소속사에서도 이것저것 많이 한다고 못하게 하거나 그런 없거든요. 약간 내놓은 자식(웃음)? 단순히 연예인이 아니고 인간으로 존중받고 있는 기분이죠. Yes. I feel that I am living well. I am satisfied as well. Even my agency does not prevent me from doing what I want to do. (laughter) I am sort of like a child that has been slightly left alone? (laughter) Instead of feeling like just an actress, I feel respected as a person, a human being.

인간 구혜선에게 삶의 목표가 있다면.What is the life goals of person GHS?  
목적의식은 갖되 목표를 정하지 않는 목표예요. 많은 보고 즐기고 배우면서 남은 인생을 채워 나가고 싶어요. 이렇게 말하니깐 너무 오래 사람 같죠(웃음)? 어쨌든 뭔가 크게 이루지 못하더라도 가치 없는 삶은 아니라고 생각해요. I do want to do and accomplish but I do not have specific goals set up. I want to fill up the remainder of my life by seeing and enjoying and learning lots of things. The way I just said that sounds like I lived a long time. Right? (laughter) Anyway, even if I don’t get to accomplish something big, I would not say my life would have no value.

감독, 배우, 작가 수식어가 많은데 어떤 수식어로 불리는 가장 좋아요?How do you preferred to be addressed? Director, actress, writer?? 
 . . . 이요. 이름 자가 진짜 자신인 거잖아요. As Goo. Hye. Sun. The three characters of my name holds the real me.

에디터 장윤성 포토그래퍼 이규열=editor Jang Yoonsung and Photo Lee GyuYul

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