Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012.12.3 Koo Hye Sun Donates Her Voice for “American Impressionism” Special Exhibition

Ku Hye Sun donates her voice for the audio guide to introduce “American Impressionism”, for which the exhibition will be held at the Han Ga Ram Museum.

Ku Hye Sun enthusiastically and affectionately introduces the art exhibit. The audio guide explains the 28 representative art pieces (on American Impressionism). Museum visitors will be able to more fully enjoy the experience.

It appears that audio guide is available for those who cannot come when actual guide can explain the exhibit.

Ku Hye Sun’s audio guide will be available starting Dec 22 at the museum and the museum will be donating what she would have earned for that work to leukemia society under Ku Hye Sun’s name.

Source: & nate news
Translation: cheerkoo
Credit : Goo Hye Sun Vietnam Family @Facebook

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