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[Blogger's Sharing] Peach Tree Novel Event 2012.11.27

English translation by cheerkoo @GHS thread soompi page 1074

This particular blogger does not say that GHS was sick or anything but that she was 40 min late to the book event. The event was suppose to take place at 3pm at a cafe in DaeHak-ro area. GHS apologized so much for her lateness that this blogger felt bad. Even though the photo time with GHS was not suppose to take place, GHS told the audience that she will listen to anything they want since she was so late to the meeting. (keke) That is how the blogger took a pix with GHS. 
The blogger supposedly was the only married person in the audience. GHS asked the audience if any one is married and she was the only one. GHS was surprised and said to her, "You married so young!" The blogger was not sure how to take that surprise but took it as a compliment. (keke--the blogger does look very young!). GHS herself was asked if she is interested in getting married. (Now, we should all know by now how she would be answering that particular question...right????? ...keke)
GHS said that she is not at all interested in getting married right now because she wants to do so many things and besides she has no man in her life now. 
When GHS was first seen walking into the cafe, the blogger was astounded as to how slender she is, how beautiful her skin is and how beautiful her body shape is...
3 things that are most important in her life are: her family including her dogs and cat and all the people that she knows. Since she has been in the entertainment field for more than 10 years, she has met many people. There are people she met once. There are people with whom she would meet often and then lose connection with them due to busy schedule. GHS's own feeling is that it is not the quantity of meeting the person but the quality of the time you had with that person even if it was just once. That is her own approach and philosophy in relationship with all the people whom she knows. She wants to make any meetings with people eventful and meaningful without any regrets. 
Then question about how long does it take for her to write her novels and scenarios:GHS says that she tends to write pretty fast. Her tendency is that once she starts to write, she cannot stop until she writes the whole thing.  (WOW!!!)  Not too long ago, she did not feel well so she went to a hospital. The doctor told her that her back bone is bent (her spine is bent?) most likely because she sits at her desk for so long. And, the PT novel took really short time as she wrote it after the scenario and after making the movie. 
People yet again asked her what she likes to be called the best? Director? Artist? Actress? etc.
She says that there may be many titles but that she is not terrific at any one thing and she is still learning as she does them. But, she says that she likes all of them. She is a type of person who does not like to choose just one thing. ^^
Another question has to do with her looks....she looks nice but people cannot tell if she wears any make-up or not or if she takes time with her looks,,,but that she always looks very natural. GHS laughed and said that she really takes care and time as to how she looks including her hair and her clothes...but that even after all that, that is how she looks...she laughed again. But she says that she is kind of lazy. Sometimes she has no time so she carries a nailclipper when she rides the car. 
All the people who came to that meeting brought their PT novels which GHS also signed for them. 
Blogger's own thoughts about GHS and PT: She is simple and down to earth...more so than I thought. Her smile is amazingly pretty. She appears as if she does not want anything yet she is driven and motivated. I want to resemble her. Personally I liked the PT movie. I thought it was very well made. It was emotional and the theme was unfamiliar but it was not at all awkward. I thought the movie had high perfection. There were many scenes that really touched me. Please go and watch the movie when you can. 
(Love the blogger!! Thank you very much!!!)

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