Thursday, December 20, 2012

[BOF and Me] Because Lee Min Ho was on the Tabloid Cover

Hello! At this chance I will share one of my memories related to Boys over Flowers (BOF). It happened in 2009. BOF was aired in my country in the middle of 2009.

Morning. I walked to my university. Near the gate, there was a magazines seller. A cover of tabloid attracted my attention. A handsome man was on the cover. Lee Min Ho. He looked different with his straight hair. I just saw it from far distance then walked forward and entering my campus.

Evening. at my boarding house. Didn’t know why that cover of tabloid came to my mind. Suddenly I was regretful. Why I didn’t buy it? Stupid me… I tried to call the magazine seller in my hometown, asked them if I could order it then took it when I went home at weekend. So sad, they have no that tabloid. I thought maybe it was sold out.

My only hope was the magazines seller in front of gate at university. At that evening, I went back to the university; only for that tabloid hehehe… the seller told me it was sold out. Oh, I was so regretful TT Hopeless… stupid me, why I didn’t buy it at morning.

I walked back to boarding house then a miracle happened… not far from me, I saw Lee Min Ho as the cover of that tabloid. Yeay!!! There was another magazines seller there ^^ I came to it directly and bought the tabloid. Of course, didn’t want to lose the chance anymore haha…

The cover used this pic ^^

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