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[Fan Sharing] If There was a Celebrity like Koo Hye Sun when I was a Student

This post is written by peachtree @DC Koo Hye Sun Gallery in Korean. English translation by cheerkoo @soompi. Thanks peachtree for sharing. Thanks cheerkoo for the translation. I really like this post ^^

If there was a celebrity like Koo when I was a student....

When I was a student, there were many celebrities as well.
However, at that time, I just liked the celebrities.
I never had thoughts about wanting to emulate any of them.
It means that there weren't any celebrities that I wanted to emulate.

There wasn't any celebrity that I liked so much with all my heart like I do with Koo.
After BOF ended and she did not act for about 2 years, I waited silently and unwaveringly like a sunflower for the sun.
Koo is excellent in so many areas that she is incomparable to any other celebrities so far.
I feel as if she is in a whole different dimension.
There is just countless things to emulate not only about her external but also her internal sides.
That is why I really LOVE everything she created.
Tango, Tango Exhibit, Breathe, YoSool,,,,I am sure PEACH Tree will soon open.
I loved them all. I was amazed by her YoSool script (remember GHS came out with YOSOOL book about her script?) which showcased her exquisite ability to write so well...
After seeing the movie, I read her script. Maybe that is why? I am not sure but her script was like reading a short novel.
I felt as if Koo may have had so much stress at one point in her life, but it felt like she has somehow put things in order.
I get the feeling that her time of confusion has passed and now she has entered into a time in her life where things are more organized and clearer in her thinking.
I get those feelings when I read her interviews.....(I certainly do too!!)

"In the army, I happen to read Director GHS's book, TANGO. I was really surprised. I felt as if GHS is a genius who is not yet tamed. I was thinking to myself that when I am discharged from the army, I would like to make many and all kinds of movies without consideration to its size and or boundaries. Then, Director GHS sent her script to the agency and I read it. I gave her a feedback that it needed a bit more taming/editing. Two weeks later, she really surprised me by bringing back the edited version. At that moment, I firmly decided to appear in her movie."

Above statement is made by Jo SeungWoo..but I feel the same as him.
I also liked Tango. But when I read her scenario for YoSool, I was truly surprised.
How can a person write so well like that,,,So exquisite...such detailed description..such sensitivity and sensibility..such down to earth purity that only Koo can bring forth..I am not saying that the sensitivity in her writing is due to her being a female director...absolutely not,,!!!
I want you all to know that YoSool the movie and the YoSool the script are not the same....
She left the bare bones and deleted so many things in the movie.
At that time, Koo said that she liked obscure and abstract. Koo most likely hoped that the audience will soar with their limitless imagination and gave no answer in her movie.
If you have not read the Yosool script, I feel confident in saying that you do not have the right to discuss or criticize YOSOOL. (Woah! I better get it and read it!! I was actually hoping that GHS write another novel!!)
After I read Yosool script, I felt as if Yosool is perfectly complete.
If a person writes well,,,,I feel it means that the person read widely and well.
There is no way one can write well without having read widely and thorougly.
That is why I realized that Koo must read a great deal.

There is wisdom in books...
That is why I think Koo is a wise person.
Again, that is why I feel that, no matter how much people may curse and criticize her, Koo will not be stirred inside.
There is no way a person can be shaken if that person is well centered and honorable inside.
The way I see it, it is all about jealousy and envy. I want to yell out who among celebrities or even in general public comes close to Koo!!
There is nobody like Koo. In the whole world,,,even from the entire space/universe.
Of course, everybody is different and follows his or her own life's path..
But I do respect people who work in the creative fields.
Literature, music, art,,,if all these aspects are combined,,,it can be a movie.
Even if it may be a low-budget movie, Koo does everything in the movie..from the planning to script to public relations to editing, music, movie set, directing...

in conclusion,,,
If a celebrity like Koo existed when I was a student,,,I think I definitely would have liked her..
I would have made her my role-model...
I think I would have worked hard towards my dream,,with passion and determination and real hard work.
I don't know why there was no such celebrity like Koo at that time in my life..
But I feel that it will be very hard to come across someone like Koo in the future also..
If not now, it may be very hard,,,,
That is why I am so grateful and feel so lucky that I can watch  Please Take Care of Us, Captain.

After I got to know Koo....
After that moment, we must abandon the concept that we are just simple human beings.
It is unforgivable to live an idle and lazy life. We cannot tolerate life of regrets.
We must look towards our individual goals and life's calling...
Let us all really apply ourselves.
I believe that life is about infinite application of self-discipline and self-improvement.

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