Friday, December 28, 2012

Koo Hye Sun's Quote on Student's Final Exam

와!세상에 이런일이!!! RT : RT  기말고사에 복숭아나무 작품이야기 하신게 기말고사에 나왔어요!!! 근대 틀렸어요ㅠ 

From cheerkoo @GHS thread :
Only the front part is tweeted by GHS: "Woah! My world! Can it be?!"
GHS retweeted someon else's tweet that says: "On my final exam, your statememt about Peach Tree came out!!! But, I got it wrong."
Enclosed in the tweet is the scan of the question of her final exam:
GHS's quote: "Actually, everything about me started with pictures. Since young age, I drew constantly. Then, one day, I wanted to make my drawings move. With drawing, images can be sufficiently portrayed abstractly. However, I learned that, with films, that is not sufficient. I constantly stressed over what and how to insert into a movie. Then. suddenly, I started to question, why am I born and why am I living. I was more surprised at myself that, for nearly 30 years, I never sincerely pondered on those questions. Who am I, really? Where am I headed? The movie, Peach Tree, contains and tries to expresses such worrisome thoughts."
The teacher's question (for 4.5 points) is :
What fact is not revealed from the following? (GHS's quote)
1. Through art, an ability to gain deeper understanding of a person widens. 
2. An appreciation for the arts is yet another creative activity. 
3. A person endlessly worries/ponders about self-identity and attempts to search for answers. 
4. A person engages in a mental training/activity to create a more meaningful and valuable world.
5. When a person expresses his/her thoughts or feelings, s/he holds the creator's image. 
(I think the student said the answer is 3, but the teacher said it is 2. What do you think? I would guess that this teacher was very much moved by GHS as well. There was another teacher (maybe same teacher??) who used what GHS said in his classroom to have a discussion, not a test. Remeber?? Just as GHS moves us the Sunnies, she moves anybody who really listens to her.)

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