Friday, December 14, 2012

[MinSun and Me's Diary] Way Back into Art

Koo Hye Sun is painting

I had interest in art since I was a kid. I remember I spent my time for drawing and doodling. My grandma said that I would become an architect in the future. Since that, being an architect was my dream (every child has their own dream, right?). but my dream changed when I went to middle high school. Now, I can think about my childhood. When we were a child, we are so simple and still don’t know the complicated things like I said I wanted to become an architect, I thought I would draw, draw, draw and draw, but being an architect, it’s not simple like what I thought when I was a kid, right?

Back to the topic. Unfortunately, I never been aware if I had an interest in art. You know, I realized maybe I had a talent in art when I was at 20’s.

HS has a big role to bring me back into art. At least, she helped me to find something I liked since I was so young. I was so glad to know HS likes painting and drawing. Don’t know maybe because I have an interest in art too?? Then I tried to see all of her artworks and tried to interpret them. Every time she publishes her artworks, I always feel happy. Of course, have her art books is one of my dreaming LOL. (How lucky they are who have the books). If I had the books, I think I would spend my time to look at her paintings/drawings and try to interpret them, how about you?

I bought a sketch book to draw =P Drawing with example I look from book. Even I tried to draw some of HS’s paintings hehe… Only the simple drawings. Most of her paintings are abstract and it’s difficult to draw TT

I also try to read article/info about art, paintings or painters. Just want to get more knowledge about art. Art is something great and interesting, isn’t it?

I really thank to HS. She leads me to re-find what I like. She makes me want to know more about art. Hope I can learn art more.

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