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[Movie Recap] Peach Tree part 1-English translation

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This is the English translation by cheerkoo @GHS thread soompi page 1070 :
(thanks so much cheerkoo ^^)

SA=Seung-Ah  (NSM  role))
DH=Dong Hyun (RDH role) and LDongHyun (young DH)
SH=Sang Hyun (JSW role) and LSangHyun (young SH)
Mother=(Suh HyunJin’s role)
YFather=(young father to twins played by ??)
MFather=Mature father to twins played by Choi IlHwa
SA---(narrating) Some will see them as monsters and know them as monsters. Because their appearance is different from others, they can instantly become horrifying creatures to others. Why do you think so? You see, their appearance could be ours. …..(reading to the little boy) Long, long ago. You may not believe it, but it really is a story from very, very long time ago.
SA—(narrating) Once upon a time, really long time ago, there lived a couple who was raising a big tree as if it is their child. Every spring, the tree bore pink fruits. The fruit resembled peach that the couple called it the Peach Tree.  Then, one day, the couple is going to have a real baby.
Mother---(using sign language) Unni, thank you for coming to see me like this. I should be the one to go and see you.
Photographer unnie---(on screen) No way. How could you come in that condition! It really seems like a peach.
Photographer—It feels like a baby resembling peach will be born.
SA—(narrating) The couple is anticipating a baby who will grow up under the peach tree..a baby who may have cheeks, soles of feet and bottoms as pink as the peach.
YFather---(baby crying) is it all over? Is it a boy? A girl?
YFather—(running) Darling, darling!
Mother---Throw away! Throw it away! (There is a dug hole in the ground and she is about to pound the babies with shovel.)
YFather—No! No!
YFather---(to the photographer Unnie) Go safely. When my wife becomes better,  we will definitely visit you again. (to his doctor friend) See you again.
Photographer—(signing to Mother) You cannot shut the door like this. You are the baby’s mother. You should not feel ashamed of that fact. Shi-Yun-ah! You are a mother of the baby!
Doctor friend ‘s voice—(YFather is hugging his son and we see DongHyun’s little boy face) With surgery, it is possible for Dong Hyun to have a normal life. Physically, everything is functioning fine.
YFather’s voice—Then, are you saying Sang Hyun has to be removed?
DocFriend’s voice—It is possible that SangHyun may not live that long. It may be a difficult decision but you should at least help one child to live a normal life, before the child gets hurt even more. Before he grows up more, you should make a decision.
LDongHyun----(an yong ha se yo) Hello. Hello. Hello. I think mom will get angry again today. I rather wish that mom won’t be able to recognize us again today. Mom is too scary. I did not mean that.. (we see very hopeful/positive and smiling Little SangHyun looking up at his Dad.)
YFather—DongHyun-ah, you should say hello to your mom. You practiced before.
LDH—I’m scared.
YFather—This child is Dong Hyun. Choi Dong Hyun.  (he does not look happy.) (YFather turns to LSangHyun) And, this child is Sang Hyun.  (notice the bright and positive face of little SangHyun! )  Choi Sang Hyun.
Mother—(not mentally stable) Thank you for coming all this way.  It must have been hard for you.
DongHyun’s voice—(he must see his mother on the mirror)-- It is the mom..whom I have been missing.
LSangHyun—Dong Hyun-ah, mom put out her hands. (DongHyun turns around and shakes his mom’s hand. (Wow! Can you imagine what this family went through all these years? Phew!!)
One of the twins—mom is….
Mother---I’m scared.  Get out!  I’m scared.
(Crying Dong Hyun is running towards the peach tree and mom is following.)
LSangHyun (he can see her but DH cannot)—It is mom. It is the mom whom I have been missing.
(DH sees his mom atop Peach tree. SH has his eyes closed against the sun and starts to sing “You are my little peach tree. I will love you forever. You are my little peach tree.  She loves us forever. …
Little SH’s voice—I had a dream. A dream that I saw mom’s ?smile?  for the last time..That place was the Heaven.  (Twins fall off the tree. DH cries but bleeding SH looks on at his mother being escorted by YFather.)
LSangHyun—That day was the last day we saw our mom. And, that was the last song ?? sang to mom. Mom left the world after leaving behind only a letter. (suicide—right?) And, I just felt that it was all my fault.
LSangHyun narrating—After mom passed, we had to learn to do everything together.  (What a clever artistic direction for the twins to do that art work…right?!—making two sides with one!) We tried hard to do things together. We tried hard to like things together. We tried to train to think and feel the same way.  We had to live according to that principle and we had to control (?ourselves?) whatever it may be.  (But what sacrifice SangHyun had to endure? ---poor boy!!) On weekends, with the help of TaeSung ajjussi (the doctor friend), we were able to get new books. DongHyun read endlessly and dreamt of the outside world.  He also dreamed of becoming a person who makes tons of books. Dad wanted to give the gift of the world to such DH, but we really could not do anything.
(A short scene where we see a piece of paper dangling with “Happy Birthday” written on it. But we see DH covering his entire face with a big hoodie. Again, another great artistic direction where the twin is having fun playing with mirror. They are exact half of the other? GHS seems to be giving us contradiction in that scene. It is not equal.)
Mature Sang Hyun’s voice—So, we became adults. We became very different adults.  (another contradiction!! So clever Dir GHS!!)
Mature DH (MDH)—(slicing the egg in half with fork) The cell is dividing one by one. Then, the half grows naturally and fills up its remaining half. What do you think about it, hyung? (hyung is a term to address older brother. So SH is the older one.)
Mature SH(MSH)—me? I,,I don’t really know.
MDH-Of course, you would not know.  
(At the clothing shop)
SA—I don’t see any problem. (then we see only half of the mirror branded with word,  “BAD”---woah, another link to the theme of the movie?)
Clothing Store owner (friend to SA and now referred  as Glasses)—where are you going?
Glasses—Hah! I thought you were going to help me with the store.
SA—I love you dear friend. I love you.
Glasses—you are only a friend with words.
SA—I will be back.
A voice under the doll mask—SA, I am going to take a break. Work hard.
SA—Yes.  (Here we see ChoiDaniel on the merry go round and SA sketching him. SA works weekends at the amusement park as a sketcher. I wonder if GHS did all the drawings…CD looks good—keke)
SA (to the publisher lady)—Please look kindly on me.
Publisher lady—Thank you SA. If anything looks usable, I will call you.
SA—yes. Thank you.
Publisher lady—(picking up phone) Wow, Yun-teacher! (gestures SA to leave)  Yun-teacher, you must have been busy. It was so difficult to get in touch with you these days.  I will be taking over Jung-teacher’s picture publication.  I did not get the new piece yet.  SeungAh-ssi! (she gestures SA to take out the garbage!  And SA obeys. And the lady publisher takes out the envelop from the garbage can.) Ah, it is here. I found it. (it is a photo of two-headed baby) I found it. It is a picture of a baby. Right? But, I think something went wrong with the scanning . There are two sides to the baby’s face. The baby has two faces. OK, I will check it out and call you back.
(SA then discovers her art works tossed out into the garbage can. Under her art pieces is a book titled, Creative Power Plant with a drawing of a brain. But the red colored word, Bad, is written on it. )
Glasses---(trying to fit the face over the male manikin) Hey, it does not fit well. Hey, Park SeungAh! This is all your fault. (SA seems to resemble SangHyun??)  Manikins did not commit any sins. It was your head that got cut from the publishing company. That is no reason to cut off all the heads of the manikins.
SA—That is not it. In order to make your clothes pop out, it is better that manikins’ heads are not there. That is the real truth, my friend whom I love.
Glasses—thank you my friend whom I love. (under her breath) My enemy!  (older customer walks in with an assistant) Welcome.  You came again. My friend I love, face the fact that you commit this hysterical act whenever you get cut from the publishing company. But, this is too much. How can you behead my one and only oppa (male) manikin! What am I going to do!
SA—(angry) I am telling you the truth. If you get rid of his head, profit will go up. (GHS is again linking parts of her story in such a clever way!!) My friend whom I love, is appearance that important?
(The way these two friends address each other as My friend whom I love is so interesting in contradictory way---they are in fact angry with each other and having an argument and yet they addressing each other in loving way….just like the two brother who must be loving and hating each other at the same time….such  a clever dialogue! Right? We all can identify with such contradictory feelings existing simultaneously inside of us! I cannot believe some people who  saw the movie criticized it for unrealistic dialogue! The dialogue is artistic, poetic and so appropriately portraying co-existing and yet conflicting emotions!! GHS is brilliant!!)
MDH’s voice—Of course it is important! (to SA’s last statement, is the appearance so important to you? While the two female friends are fighting over the manikin’s head, calling it oppa by Glasse…keke GHS’s humor!!)  That is the basics.  And this is the reality. That is why, for the sake of everybody..I mean for the sake of you, hyung, we must go on living like this. There is no other way.
MSH—I know.
MDH—You really do?
MSH—(softly) yes.
MDH—(angrily) Then, why is it that you talk about returning to the ORIGIN so many times? As if that is what I am thinking! As if that is what I want!  
MSH—DongHyun-ah! I,,I don’t know much, but I just want it to be something that is for you.
MDH—Then, just do nothing. That is what you can do for me. I tell you to do nothing.
MFather—Dong Hyun-ah.  This is not printed “badly”. So, TaeSung exchanged it for a new one.  (Again, this is another connection between SA and twins…but I cannot tell what it is. Is that book with brain written by DH? Why was it branded as “bad?”)
MDH—Now, I am sick and tired of such book. You don’t even know what I want.
MSH—(reading from the book,  Ann of Green Gables---GHS once said in an interview that this is one of her favorite childhood books.) That night, Manilla took Ann to the bed and told her strictly. Ann, last time I saw that you threw down your clothes everywhere on the floor. I cannot overlook such a messy habit. If you take off your clothes, immediately fold them neatly and place them on the chair. Messy girls have no use for anything. (song of Noel in the background sung by twins’ mother….seems very contradictory and ironic again….Noel song symbolizes birth of a baby, Jesus Christ,  who came to die for others…like one of the twins?...Did these twins ever experience the warmth of their mother reading a book to them? It is SangHyun who is doing that for DH.)
MFather—(addressing only SangHyun about DH—seems ironic!) What type of stories does DongHyun write these days?
MSH—I don’t really know.
MFather—What type of books does Dong Hyun like to read?
MSH—I don’t really know.
MSH—(quickly to maybe comfort his father?)  Maybe realistic book? Realistic pictures?
Mfather—realistic pictures? Pictures? Could it be photographs or illustrations? (oh, look at SH’s sad face…the totally ignored and neglected one…) Did DH ever say he needed them? Did he ever say that?
MSH—I,,,I really do not know.
MFather—That is OK. I am sure he needs the help of someone who can help him. I guess I have to find it. SangHyun-ah, don’t you worry about anything either. 
MSH—Dad? I,,, (his smile is so sweet that it melts you!!)
MSH—(smiling but talking inside to himself) I feel that it is my entire fault.
MDH---(angrily at SH)  I told you not to say anything useless and to do nothing.  The work that I can do by myself, do you think there is a different way to do it? Don’t make me laugh. (DH is so cranky and annoying!! Sang Hyun sees his father walking away from home late at night.)
MSH—That night, Dad looked very exhausted. And, I,,,felt as if,,,it was ,,,all because of me.
(Dad is driving away. I love the shot of a tree trunk—of PT?-- dividing the car and the little child’s play-bike. It feels like childhood memory is still close at hand for this family.  And Dad is leaving without a word to the boys? DH opens a door to a room that is empty.  Twins look scared as if perhaps they feel left all alone? Abandoned again? There is no way they can fend for themselves in that world. Such a scary prospect!)
Dad’s voice is heard saying, “He probably needs help from someone who can help him. SangHyun, don’t you worry about anything.” (Dad is looking for a specific place through map.)
(I love the shot of the statue of two faces. How did GHS find such things!! Every aspect in this movie seems so intricately linked!!  So cute how the father folds a paper hat to shield from rain….the rain poured even more in the novel.)
(Glasses is still hugging the male manikin body and the two friends are fighting like little kids. Haha. Somehow I think of GHS and her older sister! Kaka  In the novel, Glasses has slightly more significant role.)
Glasses---when is the sales going to increase? Immediately get my oppa’s head back on his head!
SA—it was raining today.
Glasses—I wish all the pitiful rain turn into money.  (noticing MFather ouside the window, wearing the paper hat!)  He scared me all of a sudden!  He is coming in.
MFather ---(still wearing that hat) Excuse me, but I want to ask you something.
Glasses—yes, go head.
MFather—About 30 years ago, there was a photographer’s studio at this very spot. Do you perhaps know where it might have moved to? (Mfather is looking for that hearing-impaired photographer who may help DongHyun!)
(Glasses starts to giggle behind SA)
Glasses---we are in our 20’s.
MFather—Ahh! I am so sorry. I have taken up your time. Sorry. I will get going. (He bows and his hat drops. …)
MFather—thank you. (he gives such a deep and sincere bow. )
SA—I don’t think there are any photographer’s studio around this neighborhood. Is it something urgent?
MFather---I will get going.
Glasses—so scary..
SA—this neighborhood has no photographers. Was there ever one?
Glasses—who knows!
SA—photographer from 30 years ago?
Glasses—Don’t you think that ajjussi  character is so eccentric? Hey, why don’t you draw a character like that ajjussi? You never know. The publisher may accept it. Uh?  Seung-ah-ya!
SA—(she is in the car with MFather. Many people criticized SA character who got into the car with a strange man. How can she do that! She is unrealistic! But if we really follow the story…SA is an artist who observes characters carefully and draws them and make caricatures out of them—meaing that she has to get the funny essence of that person very quickly. This is a middle aged man who walks into the clothing store in a hat made out of paper and asks about something 30 years ago. There is sweet and naïve innocence about the middle aged man! Just look at him from that scene where he is folding the paper….most men would just complain about the rain, but he just made a paper hat out of it.! GHS loves such characters!)
SA—Thank you for allowing me. But, that is really interesting. It used to be a photo studio! I really did not know. Who was the photographer? He must have been very famous.  (we hear Noel song sung by the wife coming from the MFather’s car. He must miss his wife.)
MFather---She was my late wife’s friend.
SA—Ahh. So that was it.  I guess you never met her after that?
MFather—She is hearing impaired.
SA—Agoya (Korean expression of feeling sad  or surprised or frustrated….). But I am sure you will meet her one day. It is meant to be.
Mfather—Thank you. Excuse me, but can I ask what kind of drawing you are doing now?
SA—it is caricature. I used to work at a publishing company, doing a monthly cartoon series.
MFather—publishing company?
SA—yes, here. This is a present for you to become encouraged.
Mfather—Ah, thank you.
SA—I will get off at that traffic sign. It will be faster for me to walk.
MFather—(a slight devious look—counterpart to his sweet side?) I have a son who is about your age.  He was born with a handicap and grew up without mingling with the outside world.
SA—Agoya. I see.
MFather---it is sort of like agoraphobia/fear of open space.
SA—Everybody has some sort of handicap.  The person you are looking for has one and so does your son. And even me too. Do I look normal? (they crack up. He stops the car.) Thanks for today.
MFather—(grabs her) My son wants to write. I want to help him do something. If he can publish a book, that would be even better.
SA—Of course.
MFather-- I know that I am making a great request, but do you think you can help? Maybe you can draw some illustrations.
SA—Ajjusi, I was never trained formally. I was cut from the publishing company so I need to help out at the store.
Mfather—I can give you as much money as you want.
MFather—even for just a week. One week will be sufficient.  Please help. Please help.  You must be so tired coming all this way. Please have a good rest.
SA—Where is your son? I should greet him.
MFather—no. you will start working early tomorrow. So that is not necessary. So, please go inside and rest. Thank you. Thank you.
(The shot of MFather seeing his wife in that room where SA went in to rest was creepy. The ghost of the late mother who went insane lives on inside the creepy, dark house? He shuts the door shut. He must also have such longing as well as resentment against his wife.)
MSH’s voice—She came. Through the black night, in a black car, through the black darkness, she came.  As for me, I now must tolerate the black darkness that will cover me.
MDH—Hello. Hello (He is practicing saying hello as he used to for his mother who constantly rejected them.) I am Choi DH. Hello. Ahh..I like wearing hats.
(As DH waits for SA, he plays piano. And we hear the slightly heavy breathing sound that is coming from SH.  Isn’t it kind of interesting that DH is only playing with his left or one hand. We plainly see that his right hand is not used but placed behind his back. Isn’t that brilliant of Dir GHS?)
SA—(clapping) Woah!  Ahh. Hello. I am Park SeungAh (her name sounds so like Bok Soong Ah=peach). It is so good to meet you.  (that hand shaking scene is so funny!)
DH—(in the bedroom) I am going to go crazy from embarrassment.  People who are women are prettier than I thought.  They are not scary like mom. Pretty. Like mom,,,,she is pretty.  I am going to sleep. Don’t talk to me.
(Poor SangHyun…always running out of breath because of careless brother. Yet he never complains!)
MSH—I literally  could not breathe.  (now SH is reminiscing about SA.)
SA—Hello. I am Park SeungAh. Do you think you can continue playing a little more? It sounded so good.  
SA—You woke up early. (MSH falls off the piano backwards and that means SH got hurt.) Agoya! We do not have much time together.  What shall we do first today?
MDH—Regular person living a dual life is not that different from our life,,,That is how I thought. It looks strange. But sort of like this. I just wanted to write a story about such a person.
SA—(looking at the drawing and getting confused and shocked)  I wonder why I never thought of such a thing. This character must really be able to express all kinds of feelings. It was really a difficult journey.  (MDH looks surprised and moved  by what SA said. All these actors are just amazing!!)  haha…to come all this way.
Voice of MSH---Some will look upon them as monsters and will know them as monsters.  Just because their appearance is different from others, they are instantly viewed as horrifying creatures.
(At the dress shop, elder woman is trying on a coat while a woman assistant helps. Glasses is holding on to her manikin oppa as if it is real and longing for his face….so well directed!! Once again, Glasses is surprised by the ajjussi looking into her shop.)
Voice of MSH—Why do you think so? Their form could be our form.
Glasses---What brought you here?
MFather—SungAh-ssi is staying at my house.
Glasses—excuse me?
Mfather—she will be staying for a while. So I came to retrieve some of her clothes.
Mfather—please help me. (so funny how they both looked at the underwears on the manikin…keke)
Voice of SH—We must also do what we don’t like to do. We must also go to places that we don’t like.
Vouce of DH--We must also smell something  that we don’t like. We even have to eat food that we don’t like. Because there is ony one body for the  two people.
SA—hmm. But, since there are two personalities, there must be lots of conflicts.  It is a little sad. The other life that is next to the person, what kind of life could that be? Even if he wants to die, he cannot. (I think that is what SH has been talking about that gets shut down) Hehe. I am just saying. It just seems unfair for the other person.
MDH—It must be the same for the two people because, not having a private life, is same for the other person (DH points to the picture drawn by SA. She drew DH’s side as sad and ugly while SH’s side youthful and handsome.) Each person would feel as if watched and monitored all the time.
SA---hehehe. But it seems like they won’t get lonely. Hehe They say human beings are animals born to be alone. Perhaps they may be born with God’s blessing. (smile)
MDH—But, why is it that the person in the back is more handsome?
SA—Ahh. Since  this person has the freedom, the other person should at least be handsome. That way it can be more fair. Also, it felt more generous.
MDH—Draw it again. Draw it again so that the person in the front is more handsome. ….That is how it becomes more interesting.  (I am just cracking up with GHS’s humor…)
SA---(laughing) Is that so?
(DH is typing away and SA gets up.)
SA—I am feeling sleepy. I will be back after getting  some air.
(SA explores the house secretly. We hear SH breathing again…as if he had been holding his breath while SA was nearby. Poor guy!!  SA hears Noel being sung again. In the meantime, DH also explores the private life of SA---so interesting. They just talked about people being born to be lonely and privacy being important, yet they are each exploring the other’s privacy….keke. PT is full of dichotomy and contradiction and how we live in it without much problem….keke)
SA—this must be DH’s room. I better leave.
 (But she does not. She goes further in to look at his bathroom with so many mirrors so that she can see all sides to herself. This startles her. As she comes down the stairs,,,,a woman’s singing is heard from another room. Sound of kids’ loud voices and gentle woman’s voice. We see that SA and DH are exploring each other’s privacy right in front of each other unknowingly. Only the father becomes aware what could be happening and the possibility of secret coming out. DH discovers SA’s identification card which seems to be very important in Korea. In this house, the mother’s ghost is alive and well. Her sad life has to be haunting everywhere…a woman’s figure is reflected on the glass door.)
SA—is it you ajjussi? Ajjussi? (But it is the pic of the twins’ mother.) This must be the photo of his wife. (laughter) She is a beauty. (door shuts violently by itself??)
SA—Ahh,,Ajjussi! You scared me. (laughter) (Did the father shut the door or something else???)
SA—I was just looking around and came this far. (laughter) Did you go somewhere?
MFather—I went to the dress shop where your work. You came here so suddenly that you had no time to pack your clothes. I asked your friend’s help and brought few clothes for you.
SA---Wow,,,oh…ha………tomorrow, I really have to go somewhere. I just cannot afford to get cut from my weekend job also. That will be the end of me.
MFather—(moving in slightly closer and talking low) You did not see anything. Right?
SA—Excuse me?
Mfather—No. No.  It is nothing. Give me your bag. I will take it upstairs to your room for you.
SA—Ahh..Ok..Thank you.
SA—What are you doing?
MDH—You surprised me.
SA—Nothing to be surprised.  Tomorrow, I have to leave early.
MDH—that means, you have to ….wake up…. Early….? (he was feeling guilty going through her stuff.)
SA—That is right. I have to get up early.
MDH—Then, go first and sleep. (he pushes her notebook under the table.)
SA—Yes. I will go and sleep first. You sleep well too.
MSH—(reading from Ann of Green Gables)  “I took the brooch. Like you said, I am the one who took it. When I entered the room, I had no such thought. However, the brooch was just so beautiful. The moment I put in on my  chest…. (DH crushes SH’s face from sleep. Poor SH! But then now, SH is facing the side table with SA’s picture identification card.)
SA—(most likely looking for her ID.) Aiygo
SA ---DH-ssi. Are you sleeping?
DH—yes?  No! Just a moment.
SA—Sorry. It is so late. But I lost my ID card and I really need it. Can you search your room for me? ….You see, I came into this room briefly before. Your door was open. I am sorry.
DH—OK, I will take a look around. Wait a minute.
SA—it is not there?
MDH—I am looking for it now.
MDH—It does not seem like it is here.  When the day light comes in, I will look for it again. Is it urgent?
SA—it is just that tomorrow is the pay day at the amusement park.  Oh well…It has to be somewhere. Sorry
SA—(knocks on door again and DH covers his face again.) I am sorry again. But I really feel that I should take your manuscript tomorrow. I am going to the publisher tomorrow.
MDH—Ah. Just a moment.  (holding on the the manuscript) I still feel a bit embarrassed about it…
MDH—You worked hard.
SA—Wait for me.
(Their attempt to shake hands is so cute!! )
SA--- left hand? Right hand? (both laugh)
-----------------------end of part 1-----------------------------

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