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[Movie Recap]Peach Tree part 2-English translation

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English translation by cheerkoo @GHS thread soompi page 1071 (thanks cheerkoo ^^)

SA’s voice---very awkward…(both SA and DH laugh while shot moves to the MFather, the keeper of the secret)

DH’s voice---Sleep well

SA’s voice—ok
(We see that SH is the one who took the ID card, just as DH took the card from SA’s notebook, just like Anne of Green Gables took that brooch without meaning to and just because it was so beautiful…both brothers  attracted to SA. We see happy DH tapping his feet---he is usually cranky but is different now. The protective shell of Choi family is breaking up…)

Glasses—So, you followed that ajjussi and drew these?

SA—mm..It is because ajjussi’s son is not well.

Glasses—(looking at the drawings) eewoo, disgusting…..hey, that ajjussi had a look on his face as if he was even going to take your underwear.


Glasses—Anyway, I really don’t have good impression about that ajjussi.

SA—(cannot hear but SA was disagreeing with Glasses)
(Woah..Brown Hair in the background…)

Phone voice—This is Jo SoYong of Korea Publishing.

SA—Mr. Jo, How are you! This is Park SeungAh.

Publisher Lady—Hi Park SeungAh! It has been a long time.
(SA drops the manuscript but publishing lady gives no helping hand. Could it be possible GHS is telling us that the world out there is indeep cruel? Keke---sorry I make so many commentary.)

DH—(picking up SA’s Identification card from under the bed) Ah! I found it.

SA—(she waited all this time for the publishing lady. On one hand, SA appears foolishly kind and so unassertive that she is kind of frustrating. Yet, on the other hand, she is so stubbornly persistent and waits for the right opportunity?? Maybe just the kind of personality that GHS admires?)  Here it is.
Publishing Lady—Can I really believe in this? (She looks through all the has to remind her of the scanned pix she got.)  Hey, what is this! Why are you like this all of a sudden?


Publishing Lady—(laughing happily) You should have done this before. (laughter) What happen to you? This is beyond my expectation!

SA-(surprised and happy)

Publishing Lady—Let’s have an interview first.  We will examine the publication. …Anyway, who is the author?

SA---(hesitation) It is a friend.
(It must be that doctor friend named TaeSung, mature form. Perhaps he is bringing more books for DH.)

Doc—I always worried about that child…..I am talking about DongHyun.  (Nobody worries about SangHyun!!)  If it was not for SangHyun, he would have been a normal child. 

Mfather—He is trying to be different. He is becoming different.  (He steps on the pen, used by SA?—Perhaps the audience is reminded by Dir GHS that DH is becoming different because of SA?? Mfather knocks on twins’ room.)

MFather---(opening the twins’ room) Donghyun-ah~ (He also forgets that it is SangHyun’s room too!!) Wait a minute!

(Amusement Park scene: Twins is at the scene. He has walked out of his shell!! Looks horrified. Right next to him is a big Mask statue---great directorial cut! And SA in her big doll mask sketching for people!! Mask!! The linkings that Dir GHS makes is so good—simple but so good and she really makes a big correlation in this scene.)
(SA noticed DH but not DH.---SA in her big mask sitting down to draw DH is so cute—GHS said that she works hard to make sure her female actors come out very pretty in every way! Keke)

Another sketcher---(to DH) Please sit down.

DH—I am looking for this person. 

Another sketcher—Ah. This is SA. I know that she has been looking so hard for her ID card. I will look for her for you.
(Woah!! The whole publisher team is at the twins’ house without making any appointment!)
(But the MFather is at the dress shop, most likely thinking that the twins left to find SA.??)
(The shameless publisher team invading another’s privacy without any consideration!!  Is GHS also making a comment about invasive paparazzi reporters??? Keke  And, ironically, today at the amusement park is a mask day!! Kind of remind me of BOF at the Macau filming and we saw GHS in the BTS scene—dancing wildly with her mask…saying that she feels so free with a mask on…remember??)
(I wonder if that background song in the amusement park is also sung by JSW?? Singing something about not being able to see your face..)
(SA is now alarmed that she cannot see DH, knowing that DH suffers from agoraphobia, the fear of open spaces, as told to her by MFather.)

SA—sorry, excuse me..sorry, excuse me..
(someone pulls off the mask of SangHyun and DongHyun. )

SA—DongHyun-ssi!  (SA’s shock expressed through loud roller coaster shooting by…and we hear the breathing sound of SangHyun. Dir GHS tells us that now SA put 2 and 2 together. Dir GHS is so detailed yet communicating so distinctively.  JSW looks so young in that shot!)

MFather walks into his home, met by the publishing lady.

Phblishing Lady—Hello. 


Phblishing Lady--- I am Team Leader Kang ShinHee of Korea Publishing Company.

Mfather— how are you here?

Publisher Lady---I came to  interview the author. I heard a lot from Park SeungAh.  I am going to be in charge of publishing Choi DongHyun-ssi’s book.  Would it be possible for me to meet Choi DongHyun-ssi? Is he…not here?

MFather—No. It is not that. If you wait a moment, I will get DongHyun for you.
(dress shop)

Glasses—(at sluggish SA outside the window) Hey, SA! How is it that there are so many people looking for you! That strange ajjussi was here. And, you should make a call soon. The team leader from the publisher called here too.  SA, can you hear me?

Phone—This Jo~of Korea Publishing.

SA-Hello Mr. Jo, This is SA. I heard that the team leader called here. 

Phone—Ah, Team leader went to interview the author. Hello? SA-ssi?
(DH opens his door as someone knocked on it…I thought it was his father at first!)
Photographer---Are you Choi DH?  

MFather—I am sorry. If you can please give him some time to prepare…

Publisher lady—This is so good. It would be a pity to just bury it. (She has another agenda, of course.) Don’t worry about anything. Just leave it to me. I know what might be worrying you. However, think about this carefully. This is for your son. Is it not possible?
(Father look so conflicted and distressed.)

Publsher lady—Don’t hide anymore. Now, he must come out to the world.
(That shot of DH with his father….betrayal? definitely anger in DH….father in shock too. DH runs to his mother’s room to escape the photographers. Awful publisher! How many photographers did she bring??)

Photographers—Choi DH, look this way….What is he doing over there? Take that off. (They get shocked to find SH under the hoodie and keeps on taking shots.) That is only a face. DH, please turn your face around. Please..
(DH hides or cries with his face on his mother’s photo.  But SH has no shield at all. One photographer is trying to turn SH’s face so that they can get a good shot of double face…)

Photographers—more, more..This way, more..
(It seems like SH is having flashbacks of what SA looked like when she discovers him. SH bits the hand of the photographer and photographer punches SH’s face. Then SH again has flashback of being bloody from a fall from PT as a little boy because DH and he were running away from that look of horror from their own mother. And SH looked more sad because of mother’s painful feelings than from his fall. So mauch traumatic memory scenes and sounds and feelings…….Dir GHS said nothing judgmental about the mother character in the PT story ---from another interview. She said that the twins’ mother was in deep pain and hurt. )

SH—(to photographers)  Please leave. Please leave from here. Please leave. 

Photographer---are you OK? (I don’t think they are asking that of SH, but of their peer who got bitten.)

SH—(bloody from the punch) Please leave…Leave from here.
Photographers—Take more pix.

SH—please leave. Please leave from here. …(nobody responding) GET OUT!! GET OUT! GET OUT!  (What an incredible scene packed into just few min!!)

MFAther----(to the photographers) Please, Please take good care of us (please empathize with us…)
(But pulisher and photographers run away with expressions of disgust.)

DH’s voice—Why didn’t you let it live? Why didn’t you let it just get adjusted? Why did you do that? (DH turns around) Were you that ashamed of me? Say it. Wasn’t it you Dad who really thought of me as a monster?  Let me have the surgery. You thought I never knew anything.  Right? I knew from the beginning. You knew that I could live a normal life from the beginning. GET ME ??SEVERED?? NOW!!
(MFather hits DH but SH gets more hit??)

DH—Even now, it was not hyung that you wanted to hit. Right? But you saw that we get hit together. Does this look happy to you? In your eyes, does this look like happiness? Please save me. 

SH—(eve so gently) It is mom. 

DH—I’m telling you to PLEASE SAVE ME!!
(Song: You are my little peach tree. ..)

SH—(narrating) I wanted to confess ever since I was young. I liked it when you cried.  Then, I can see the sky as much as possible.  Then, I can see the ocean without limit. My life was about just following you without question no matter what.  I could not have tolerated it if my heart was selfish.  Even if I wanted to die, I could not. I wanted to at least confess that to you. 

SH—Please, please…

Publisher lady---(making multiple copies of the two-sided baby pic)  This is the agony that the public wants.  You have to do well. There is a photographer whom I am responsible for, named JungAe.  You know. Right? She says that she is looking for someone through this project/publication.  The title of this picture (the copied photo) is peach. And, the fairy tale story that you brought to me is titled Peach Tree. (laughter) Coincidentally, it is so fascinating. First, it seems important to share it with the media and gather big interest from the public. But the photo that we got has only one person in it. I think that you have to help us. I want to ask you to bring us a proper photo of both of them together. 

SA—Does it have to be this way?

Pub.Lady—Didn’t you want to publish Choi DongHyun’s book? I thought that was what you wanted. We should also have them meet Jung Ae too. Don’t you think so? I thought you said you are friends. 

Glasses—SA, did you just come from the publisher?

Glasses—(to her customer) did you finish looking?

Signing customer’s interpretation: She says Thank you.

Glasses—oh.  Goodby.

Glasses—Park SeungAh! You are hiding something from me.  (Showing the pencil to SA) I really don’t like that ajjussi, but because you say he is nice, I am just believing in you. Because it is you.  You said he is a friend. I am now off work.

SH’s voice---(most likely reading from Ann of Green Gables book)  “Great streaks of rain have already fallen here and there on the roads. Under the fall foliage is already dark and gloomy. Under the white pine tree sits the clear wine colored, brightly purple dusk.”   (purple feather…..when did I see it before in the movie???)

SH’s voice----In the black night, riding on the black shadow, through the black darkness, she has returned. 

SA—I was thinking that because you are together, you won’t be lonely and that you can protect each other.  I thought of you as a blessing.  That, at least, you are a blessing of my life. I came because I wanted to tell you that. (smile) You must like fairy tales. (laughter)  DH-ssi must have written a fairy tale because of his hyung-ah.  (The sweet and pure smile of SH—just love his expression like that as mature SH and as young SH.) Do you know that?

SH’s voice---I knew it all. Even way before she came. 

SA—I guess I better go now.

SH—Ah..I don’t know much. I was told that when we were born, we were a peach—even the cheeks, soles of feet and ,,,(smile) even the bottoms. That we were like a peach.  Of course I don’t know much.   Soon, the peach tree will be blooming. Can you come then? I want to see it together. 

SA---(smile) Yes. Let’s do that. Let’s watch it together. 

SH—(a bell sound and lots of purple feathers floating….I wonder what it means…)

SA—Some will see them as monsters and know them as monsters.  Just because their appearance is different from others, they may even become a horrifying creature in an instant. Why do you think so? It is possible that their shape/form could be our form/shape. 

SH’s voice—SeungAh-ssi. Do you think she will come?

DH—I told you to pretend not to know anything and do nothing.

SH’s voice—DongHyun-ah


SH—do you remember the day we saw mom’s face for the last time? You know. We were young and running away from Mom and ended up at the top of that tree.  That day, I saw mom’s face as much as possible. (DH has a puzzled look on his face.) That day, mom was smiling. Prettily. 

DH—hyung, I really hated you. I felt you were to blame for us living like this. But, every time I felt that way, I had to live. That was also because of you.

SH’s voice---It all felt like it is because of me.  (DH is trying to get the peach) And, truly, it is all because of me.
(Startled me…..all the peaches falling on to the cement ground like the twins and the ambulance wailing by.)

Doc friend----It is a miracle that he lived this long. I wonder what made SangHyun tolerate it all all this time. I am sure DongHyun knows. I am sure they both wanted to protect and stand by for each other.  (patting MFather’s shoulder) Send him off well.
(SA runs into the hospital. As if she thought about something that she forgot, she runs back out again.)

Mfather’s voice---Is that all that is of Sang Hyun?

Mfather—Is there anything more that he can take with him?

Glasses---(SA is taking away the headless manikin) SeungAh! Why! Why!                                                                                 (In the novel, Glasses give the manikin freely to SA because DH came to the store to return the ID card for SA.  Glasses realized that  DH is the person in SA’s drawing of the twins. Glasses may be cranky on the surface but very big-hearted as she lets her homeless friend SA live at her store. )
(That scene where SA is running the road with headless manikin is so touching…)

MFather—(what the Mfather asks of dead SH is so sad and full of regrets He asked these questions through SH but of DH before. )  SangHyun-ah, what do you like? Do you like to write? Do you like to read? What kind of books do you like? Sanghyun-ah! What do you llike? 

SA—Tale this with you. ….And,,,,in your next life, don’t forget to bring it with you.  (this line made me cry and laugh at the same time!!)

DH---(crying and singing the pt song) You are my…would you know this little body…I am sorry. I am sorry. I cannot touch you…I love you…

(At the amusement park)
SA—You may find it difficult to believe, but this is a story form really, really long time ago. (that little boy in yellow hat played little SangHyun.)
(yellow cap’s father) Man’s voice---We have to go now.  (the boy’s father is the young father’s face) I am sorry. It was hard for you. Right?

SA—not at all. It is OK. I cannot give this book to you because it is a gift for someone else. I am sorry. 

Yellow cap’s father---(smiles) let’s go.  (It is so like Dir GHS to give us a positive glimpse that SangHyun will have a second chance at a life of his own??)
(DH and SA in front of the big mask, shaking hand like the very first time---this time, DH is shaking up SA’s arm….keke…Dir GHS’s humor…she made most of what the other actors thought as NG.)

SA—I heard that you did not see it yet. Take a look. 

DH—I was not planning to see it. I did not want to see it. I was acting so high and mighty and angry. If I see this, I would feel embarrassed. (both laugh)

DH—But, should I still see it?

DH—That day, hyung said he saw it. Mom. He said she laughed. When my mother laughed, she was really pretty. But, the truth is that it was not hyung who saw her. It was me who saw her.  I saw Mom laughing. It was me who saw her.

Song in the background by Suh HyunJin??  “I forgot your name a month after meeting you. Ten years and many years later, come and visit me so that I can call you endlessly…
DH---But, how did hyung know  Mom laughed that day? 

Suh HyunJin still singing. “someday, we will bloom together. Someday, we will meet and hug each other. Someday, we will walk together. Someday, we will meet and someday, we will bloom together. 

SH’s voice---It is mom.
(those purple and pink feathers are from the peach tree—flower petals!)

SuhHyunJin’s singing---someday, we will hug each other. Someday we will love each other.
(Wow,,,I have to listen to Peach Tree song again…it is a song supposedly created by SangHyun in the story. It is a lullaby that a parent may sing for the baby….)
-----------------------end of Part 2-------------------------

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