Thursday, January 17, 2013

[Project] Love Letters to HyeSun

I repost it from S_sun's post on GHS thread soompi page 1097. Let's show our love to Hye Sun ^^

  "Love Letters to HyeSun"

This project ,initiated by Sunnies at soompi, is for Sunnies to express love and support to Hye Sun.The love messages can be short or long, your own personal love message. The one on the post card will be shorter,of course. Remember the post card is open, anyone can read it. Even just "I love you" "I miss You" will be ok.
Just write what is in your hearts, Sunnies!
Please send a post card with your love message to Hye Sun at the YG address and also
send your personal love message in form of letter ,card ,handmade if wishes, etc to Hye Sun at the Cafe Manolin address.
Those not able to write/copy Korean, just copy ,paste, print,cut out and tape or glue on the envelope. Please spread the word at other blogs, forums, facebook where there are other Sunnies. Let's do it, Sunnies!
Mail from most countries take 7-14 days.
Please mark on all the envelopes/post cards "Love Letters to HyeSun"
Date to post our love letters
: Jan 21 2013
  Those in US, it is ok to post on Jan 22 as postal service vary anyway.

Gallery Café Manolin  
갤러리카페 마놀린
주의: 구혜선      attention: Ku HyeSun
서울시 서초구 반포4
Seoul-shi   SuhCho-gu  Ban Po  4-dong
Seoul, South Korea
YG Entertainment
attention: Ku HyeSun
397-5 YG Building (5th Floor)
Hapjeong-Dong, Mapo-Gu
Seoul, South Korea

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