Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[Reading] Book Series-Recommended by Koo Hye Sun

Did you remember I have posted book recommendation from Koo Hye Sun in my previous post? You can read the post :  Koo Hye Sun's Bookshelf-Books She Recommended and Why.

One of books she recommended is Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy M. Montgomery.

빨강머리 앤 | 루시 M. 몽고메리(Lucy Maud Montgomery), 김선형 | 현대문학==Ann of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery
이 번에 만든 영화 <복숭아나무>에서도 등장하는 책. 빨강 머리에다 주근깨투성이 앤, 게다가 고아에 수다스러워서 환영받지 못하던 그 소녀가 누구나 좋아하는 멋진 여인으로 성장하는 과정을 읽을 때마다 가슴이 두근거린다. 솔직하고 감동 잘하고 생각을 맘껏 표현하는 그녀가 종종 부럽다. 내 친한 친구였으면 좋겠다. =="It is a book that also appears in PT movie. Ann is not only a red-head but her face is full of freckles. She is also and orphan who is not well received by others due to her talkativeness. But, she grows up to be a cool and attractive woman who is loved by all. Whenever I read it, my heart beats. Ann is honest, full of emotions and expresses her opinions without constraint. Often I envy her. I wish her my best friend."
Well, I bought the book series-Anne of Green Gables series in Indonesia edition ^^ Actually this series consists of eight books in English edition but here only seven books and the seventh book (Anne of Rainbow Valley) is the last book in this series. Maybe... the reason is the last book, Rilla of Ingleside isn't use Anne's name for the title and the story isn't about Anne.

I will share later about the books when I finish reading. See you ^^ And if you are Koo Hye Sun fans and like reading books then want to read this series, please tell me. Maybe we can discuss about the books :D

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