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Koo Hye Sun's Afterimage Exhibition in Daegu (2012)

English translation by cheerkoo @GHS thread soompi page 1122

"Drawings made from desperate longing---2012 GHS Solo Exhibition---DaeGu DongWon Picture Gallery"
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"Her drawings are on canvas with ink and lacquer, sign-pen, etc and contain unique expressions."

GHS's title for the ink drawing of body/fish/flower/hand is "=sliced raw fish" 
(But, I also found in the dictionary that means many other things:" time, society, lime, roundworm, frame, mood, end" )

A long piece of writing is written by Kim JongGeun who is an adjunct professor at Hong Ik University and also an art critic.

GHS titled her 2nd solo exhibition as 잔상=Afterimage (also can be translated as Spectrum, Continuum)  Full title is: 잔상, 그리움에 대한 간절함=Afterimage, Desperate Longing

"GHS's launch into the art world was not at all insignificant.  In 2009, with a title of {Tango}, she opened her first art exhibition at Gallery La Mer.  Her exhibition declared to the world that her devotion and passion for the art is not merely a hobby or just simple strokes.  At that time, most of her drawings were done in ball point ink and some in oil paintings.  With a whopping 70 or more illustrations and paintings---not at all a small number---she showed off her skill.  Albeit an actress having an art exhibition, it cannot be denied that over 10,000 visitors viewed her exhibition.  Regular exhibitions cannot even imagine such a high number of viewing. 

One can use an analogy of 'department store' to describe GHS whose desire for emotional self-expression hides nothing.  What confirms such an autobiographical confession is her own statement that catches the eyes: "Everything that leaves behind a longing is beautiful."

Inside her butterfly painting are words: "반짝 반짝=twinkle, twinkle"

Inside her two little girls' painting: "sister" or title is "언니=unnie"  (Do you think she drew about her older sister? I wonder what it means? It is very interesting but I cannnot decipher it. It is drawn on canvass with ink, a sign pen.)

Her next painting has many words:
나는 이럴까요? =Why am I like this?/What is wrong with me?
엉키고 엉키어 =Tangled and getting more tangled up.
버렷지요 =I threw it away.

(I am just awed by that art piece inside the box--is it a butterfly or bird tangled up or imprisoned or pinned down by the wires?  Seems very tragic... Although there is a writing in that piece, I cannot read it even with a magnifying lens. Anyone??)

A child? woman?'s face with different eyes spouting/breaking out of a wall?? is titled: 
Cotton Candy (made with ink on canvass and metal wire)

Inside GHS's own pix at the end, are these words: 
"잔상은 나를 상상하게 하고 =Afterimage lends me to imagine.
그것은 환상이 되어 = It becomes a vision.
이상을 만들어낸다." = Then, it creates more than expected.

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