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[5 August 2013] Koo Hye Sun at MBC Radio's Music City with Sung Si Kyung

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English translation by cheerkoo @ GHS thread soompi page 1222

Radio interview with GHS (G) at Sung Shi Gyung”s (S) Music City.

S—Most people do not venture into new type of work which is different from what they have been doing all along. First of all, it can become stressful and worrisome.  Can I do a good job? What if I get severely criticized even though I love what I am doing? Can this really be beneficial for my life? Ahh..but, the way to diminish such stress and worry may very well depend on how strongly I believe in myself. Then, self-confidence increase and one is able to handle even greater stress and burden. One’s sense of the world becomes larger. This is the person who is moving step at a time and increasing the size of her world. She is GHS. Music City Young Bing Gwan welcomes GHS. 

S-- Welcome, good to see you.


S—So, how do you feel being here? You said you wanted to come here. This is a studio.

G—Ah,,yes..first of all, I have been your fan. I wanted to come and say hello to Sung Shi gyung-ssi. 

S—I heard that you listen to my radio program, Music City.

G—yes I do. 



S—do you enjoy it?

G—(very slowly and quietly..) Not frequently, but 

S—Ahh. Sometimes when you have the time.

G—(laughing) yes.

S—Like when you are driving?


S—You came by yourself without a manager! Did you drive here?

G—No, I took a cab. It is so close and I wanted to get some air.

S—where is your house?

G—Ban Po-dong.

S—Huh? Ban Po-dong is very big…as far into JamWon.

G—(laughing---maybe she did not want to be too specific??) It is in Suh-Rae Village. 

S—Ah,,really..many people live in SuhRae village. I also live there. Across the street from Ban Po Junior High School.  (he must be looking at his computer screen) Wow, many people are coming up saying they are your fan. This person says that when you came on air at Jung Yup’s radio program, you only laughed without saying much that you nearly had a “radio accident”. So, she is curious as to how you will be today. So, how is that you did not say much then?

G—Actually, I really thought I said a lot. Maybe it is because I was very tense. (I think she is talking about her laughing—laughing may be her way of dealing with tension…I do that too.)

S—Radio makes you tense? Or was it Jung Yup-ssi?

G—(laughter) No, No..Radio does that and I have tension about being on a live program. 

S—How come?? It is not like you curse a lot or anything like that…


S—It is OK. I hope you will be comfortable from the start..


S—After we made that MV together, we rarely crossed path. Then, we saw each other at that pojangmacha=tented drinking hall. It was pure accident.


S—how can I say this. When you said, hello, I felt “짠하다”=sad, depressed. I asked you how old you are and you said thirty. Since then I felt sad. You have become a woman/lady. 


S—I saw you as a high school student. So briefly and then I realized that time really flies. Then, all this time…actually I still remember you saying that you like frogs. And, you were telling me how your mom would scold you by kicking you out “naked” and how that was traumatic. Right? You said all those things when we were making the MV together. You were just a kid.

G—(giggling like crazy in the background)

S—then, suddenly, I hear that you are directing a movie. The, I hear that you know how to draw. Not just casually but really well. And that you write novels and also compose music too. I said to myself, she must be something else. She must be very talented.

G—(still laughing but slowing down)

S—but you have suddenly become 30 years old. 

G—I say..

S—How have you lived these past 10 or so years?

G—I think I lived a crazy busy life. In my early 20’s I was not self-reliant, but I made my first movie at 24 and since then, I took more hold/focus with my life.

S—what is it mean to make a movie? Do you take responsibility in all areas like writing the script to getting the investment or is it just script and directing?

G—I made 3 short and 2 long films. They are independent films..

S—so, the budget is low.

G—yes. I wrote the scripts and directed for most. But for the latest film, Peach Tree, I was in charge of everything—script, directing, music, investment, etc.…

S—I see. Going out and doing it is fine but it is also important to do them well. And you did receive a lot of attention. Were you aware that you are so talented from the beginning? Or was it your dream from the beginning?

G—Not from the beginning. But, I have been drawing for a long time.

S—yes, I remember you were preparing for art college. 

G—At the time, I also wanted to be a singer. Perhaps you do not remember?  I did not really have whole lot of thoughts about what I wanted to do. As time passed, I accidentally became an actress. Then, I started to wonder why was I doing all these things. For what purpose? Actually the late President of Morning Production Company—the one who made the movie King’s Man properly guided me. 

S—After seeing your talent.

G—yes. I am not sure what motivated her to do that for me but she did. She asked me to show a lot of what I have. She really put me through lots of tests. 

S—Well, for me, I was really surprised. The person I met long time ago was a weakling, a child and she has turned into a greatest fighter. ??(my trans here is weak) It is like being a best fighter with the best record who made KO at 16th round out of 17 rounds and remembering a child who fell down and helping her up and consoling her. Then, one day, she became the kind of fighter who could beat me up. (GHS giggling.) It really makes me wonder if you had that fighting spirit from the beginning.  There are lot of musicians who are also talented in acting and painting. Like Kim ChangHa-sunbae and Kim YoungSuk-ssi who also draws really well. They must all had such talents from the beginning? How long have you prepared for art?

G—It was almost given that I will do art so I have been doing it since elementary school before admission. 

S—Even at that time, were others praising your art works?

G—At that time, teachers have encouraged me to go into that field. 

S—So, it is true. That means you already had such a talent from the start. 

G—I would not say they thought I was exceptional, but that I was sufficiently good. But I was lacking in confidence. I remember learning a lot around 17 and 18 and at that time I was not even sure who I was. I just had this obsession and compulsion to be a good person and an obsession that I would be good if I listen to others. 

S—That was a very cool response. One of the things that I envy about artists is that they constantly look into themselves and try hard to search for answers. As you said, you did not even know who you are. Some may say why do you need to know who you are in order to draw.  But, if we look at it another way, do you mean that you now know yourself better? 

G—yes. At least now I can differentiate what I like and not like. 

S—Ahh. So you are saying that, in the past, you may have liked something because you felt you should like it. 

G—yes. (Wow, Sung Shi Gyung is an astute listener!!)

S—that,  it had nothing to do with my own feelings.


S—ahh. So what did you find about what you like and not like? Give a simple example.

G—Wow, to be faced with it suddenly, it is hard. What I dislike has become clearer. In the past, if I see someone who has done something socially wrong, I would try to be understanding and think that it could happen. But now, my ethical standards became clearer and I would see it as being wrong. I would hate it and think it cowardly. 

S—If that is so, then, steps need to be taken. That means you have analyzed a problem, and felt the need to take steps individually. Are you going there? (sorry I did not get this. But GHS started to crack up. I wonder if he is referring to GHS making a political step?)

G—Just to the point of not giving anybody discomfort.

S—ahh, like George Clooney.

G—yes. I have some budding convictions. I do not yet know what they will become.

S—You are really cool. I just don’t know what the matter with me is. Here you are thinking and doing things and all I do is go out and drink. (GHS giggles) I really regret it. Ok,,,(he is reading off the screen) ChoiJiYun wants to know what it is that you are not good at since you do so many different things.

G—something I am worst at? The worst thing is..

S---My weakest point..I just cannot do this well…

G—I am just too shy. That is why anything related to “live” does not work out well for me.  Singing is like that too.

S—then how do you do acting? Can you focus then?

G—Acting is recorded.

S—Ahh, it is not “live”.

G—yes. If it is something that I have to show right away live…even if I have practiced and prepared a lot, I become very tense.

S—My feeling is that we can get tense even if it is not live. Do you tend to act with your head or do you tend to get absorbed into it? I am sure it is mixed. Which way do you lean more?

G—In the early 20’s, I tended to act with my head. A big part of me wanted to look good. After worrying over it, I started to act more with emotions. But, I think I arrived at a point of dilemma about it. People would say, she used to act well before and now she does not seem to be. That is the dilemma I am in now.

S-- even though you are more absorbed in your acting,

G—yes. I guess it just means that I must research further. (Love her reflective introspection!! So brave!!)

S—I hear that is really hard. I actually hear that there are hardly any great actors who do not use their head. Unless it is a play. Even then, it is not easy. I have so many friends who are actors and I would ask and listen. So, the idea of opening your head/ rationality and yet at the same time pouring with great emotions..that is a strange and difficult task. It is like thinking about the camera and yet not thinking about it at the same time. (Woo,,,I like what S is saying here,,not that I know anything about acting…keke)

G—that is what I am trying to deal with at this point.

S—Trying to accomplish that aspect can make one crazily busy but you are doing so many things at the same time.  (hmm!! He is a critic too!! Disappointed ! But it is his job as a host too.)

G—But, I believe that to be an actor, depending on the role, I had to be able to do many different things. I once came out as a swimmer. Since I have been having roles with careers, like recently, I came out as a pilot. For that role I had to learn about flying a plane. I also felt that it is good to know how to do several things in advance in terms of acting. They all help me with emotions as well. I feel that everything is necessary.

S—Ok, I understand.  (GHS defends her position. She no longer accepts and listens to others blindly, but has her own convictions and ways of looking at things.)
S—Anyway, today, you came out as a singer and song-writer. “It is You” has the same title as Lee JangHee-sunsengnim’s song.

G—Yes, even the part where the lyrics repeat is similar. So, I got permission from sunsengnim.

S—just for the title..for that part of the lyric.


S—How did you write the song?

G—methods may be all different, but

S—For what and why? Were you planning to make a single?

G—It does not work for me if I plan things out like that. For me, there are days when it comes to me. Melodies just rise up around me. In the past, I let those melodies and images just go. But I started to record and keep log of them. Then, I had this melody that I thought was good. So, immediately, I worked on the song with the person that I collaborate with.

S—“It is You”. Who is it?

G—(giggles) It was that person at that time.

S—So, it is based on a real person..not imaginary.

G—Because I actually experience those feelings, I hear those melodies.

S—I see. Isn’t it possible to just imagine it? But, I see. There really was such a person. You did not have to say it out loud.

G—(laughs) It is a song that I wrote long time ago. I made it 2 years ago. But, I kept it long.

S—I see. “It is You” but now it has to be “It was you”.

G—that is correct.

(They listen to It is YOU)

S—It is pretty and cute. When you sing, you seem able to crack out open and come forward. (he imitates GHS’s soft-speaking voice and makes her laugh.)

S—cham hee gyung says your singing is so different and so refreshing. That word, refreshing is like someone who has been hiding suddenly opening up and showing full self.

G—Ahh.  Thank you.

S—Choo huisun says: your song is like your smiling face. Another one says your song is very attractive. Did you always listen to music and love music?

G—yes, I liked it. But, I did not know for a while what type of music I really liked.

S—So, now you know?

G—when I looked at all the music that I liked, I realized that the chord progressions are all similar. In the past, I was taught that singers must sing and love all type of songs. But I feel that if one listens to songs that one does not like, they could sound more like noise. Actually I was a true fan of Sung ShiGyung-ssi. I loved all your album music.

S--But, in my music, I don’t have this type of chords’ progression.

G—(cracks up)

S—They are complicated. (here the trans will be poor; SSG is talking very musically) ~~if you play major7, there is so much to talk about. It has so many variety—it could come out differently whether you play on guitar or piano. So much can be talked about. If there is rhythm, it may feel like ??pop music and it can also be made into folk music as well.


S—It could also mean that you like songs that can make you tell lots of stories. A story with meaning.

G—yes, something that feels warm.

S—I don’t know what is my music, but Kim Hyungsuk’s music is lot more mathematical and representative of our country’s ballad music. The melody moves up and down and never loses the motive. His songs have disciplined chords. And this song (I think he is referring to his songs) is something that can be let go. (boy, he sounds like an intellectual!!)


S—I feel that your voice is very fitting for Kim HyungSuk’s like ballad.

G—ahh, do you think so?

S—do you ever want to become a professional singer?

G—Even though I write and sing my songs, my voice does not have the full range.  So, even after I write it,

S-you fix it?


S—Ahh, that is true, Ballad has many range and can get very emotional and must put lots of pressure on the stomach. But I feel that your voice is pretty that it could be possible with your voice. I think high range could come out.

G—Only sometimes it goes up.

S—Well, all you have to do is record just once.

G—maybe so.

S—where did we do our MV? It was at Siam?, Siapan of Guam? Part of America. If you make album, you can go to Guam and make MV again. That would be fun. This time I will become the ghost. (GHS cracks up—I did not know that GHS-SSG MV was made in Gaum!)

(commercial break)

S-What was your relationship with Suh Inguk that you gave him your song?

G—I wanted to make a song that is like a movie. The song has wide voice range as well.  I first recorded the song myself and realized that it is impossible. Plus I felt that the song will come out alive more if a man sings it. Then, I thought about who can sing it as if acting. InGuk-ssi is a very good actor.

S—he is particular kid. Did you do any featuring, chorus or duet together?

G—My part is extremely brief.

S—so, why did you do it? Ah, is it like Park Jin Young-hyung? JYP? Asian Soul with an arrow, representing…

G—It was not for that purpose. I felt that a little bit of female voice was necessary.

S—Ok, let us listen to it first. I feel we will have more to discuss afterwards.

S—Suh InGuk’s “Would we have been happy?”. It is a pretty song. Was it very satisfying to work with SIG?

G—yes. Actually, when I heard the song that I recorded, I wondered why it did not feel sad. But, when I heard InGuk-ssi’s song, I felt sad.

S—Many people are writing in saying that if Hyesun-ssi sang it, it would have been good too.

G—I feel that when I sing, it is hard for me to express sadness. I can sing songs that express energy.

S—You are not a professional song writer who gives out her songs to others. But, is there someone whom you would like to work with?

G—Recently, I gave a song to Lee Juk-ssi.

S—Really? Did you start? (songwriter business)

G—It is not that. I wanted to sing with him.

S—Lee Juk has a very attractive voice.

G—I gave him a song but I am not sure if we will work together or not.

S—Ahh,,so you are asking him what it would be like and to listen.

G—yes.  Actually, I gave him the song, “It is You”.

S—wow, I think you are almost Yoon Jong Shin (a singer-songwriter for many stars). (imitating YJS’s voice) If you don’t like it, forget it. I will sing it myself. (GHS cracks up)

G—I sent him the recorded one. But he said that he would like to sing a dark song and told me to write a dark song. So, I wrote a dark song and gave it to him very recently.

S—I think it is going to be very interesting. You also worked with Lee ByungHoo-sunsengnim.

G—That was for a AriRang project, where people all over the world got together to sing.

S—Lee ByungHoo is very impressive. Right? Wow, so many things to talk about. Move director..anyway, you will also interview elsewhere. There is actress GHS..but since you are here at Music City, we are focusing on music. Is it true that you are planning to release an album at the end of the year?

G—I would like to do that.

S—But, if you release it, don’t you have to do a live show? If you release an album and do a live show, the good thing about it is that you can do a concert. You would not be nervous in concerts.

G—But I do feel stressed by live, broadcasting shows. In the past, I always drank some alcohol to go up on stage.

S—You performed under the influence?

G—yes. I informed the party ahead of time. I promised not to be disruptive.

S—How much?

G—At that time, I would drink a bottle of ?bokboonja.

S—Phew. You had high tolerance. When I was little, I was not the best performer. But once I thought it would be nice to be emotional for a show and drank some alcohol but ended up just folding the performance. It was not just once or twice. Some people would tell me that if they drank one or two glass of bokboonja, they feel so happy. But I ended up drinking 6 bottles and folded the recording by saying,,hey, let us just go to pojangmacha=tented drinking hole. So, I realized that that is not for me. I had to concentrate while fully alert. (GHS cracking up)

S—what should I ask. Let us not talk about dating and such. Do you feel getting older?

G—I feel it a lot.

S—29 and 30 feel different. Right?

G—yes. A great deal.

S—but, are you healthy and happy these days?

G—I try. At first, when I just turned 30, I did not feel anything. But, little by little, it started to creep in. Then, I saw myself trying too hard to be happy and felt pitiful. (both understand and laugh about it.) So, I just let it go a bit. As the summer is passing, I am letting it go a bit. I am just doing what I want to do and need to do. I feel like my judgment has become clearer. I focused too much on feeling happy before but now I have clearer judgement about it.

S—Another person asks you if you exercise?


S—You are not that type of person. Why?

G—it is too hard.

S—All throughout your 30 years?

G—yes. But I do like swimming.

S—You know how to swim? Swimming is a great sports.

G—I feel very comfortable in water so I enjoy swimming. But I am not consistent with swimming. But, I have few, lot of dogs.



S—how many?

G—For my part, I am responsible for 3 dogs and 2 cats. I have one big dog Retriever.

S—the one who drools a lot.

G—yes. I take him for walks and as I get pulled by him, I get some exercise.

S—in Suhrae village, are there roads that are good for walking the dogs? There are so many hills. Ahh, the walking path in the back road?

G—No. I take all types of open path.

S—wherever the dog leads you?

G—No we go where we decide to go.

S—but you said you get pulled by him.

G—I get pulled by him on the path that I decide to take.

S—You raise him with cats?


S—They get along?

G—extremely well.

S—that is a relief.

S—so you don’t exercise. How about drinking. Since you are older,,

G—it is more difficult.

S—so, you try not to drink.


S—what do you like to eat?

G—I love rice the most. I am a rice addict.

S—Rice is the best. It is the best in terms of getting fat. (GHS cracks up—SSG is stealthily funny.) So, how do you eat rice? Fry-rice? Wrap it? Mixed with soup?


S—so anything that has rice in it?

G—yes. If I have any vegetable to dip into sauce, I can finish off one bowl of rice just like that.

S--??You burn off energy to do art. So, you don’t exercise. But that is good. So, you are 30. I know this is a stupid question. But your ideal guy. Are you dreaming a future that has marriage in it?

G—I did a lot.

S—how about now?

G—now too. I want to say I don’t but I think about it inwardly.

S—But, given the way your work and think and the way you have lived so far, it has to be someone who would be understanding. So, can I ask about your ideal?

G—I guess I would be seeking understanding if I marry. It would be nice if it is someone with whom I can talk and make things possible. I am not expecting him to be accommodating in every ways. I would like someone who would keep me tense. (???)

S—make you tense?

G—Yes. Someone who would keep me 100% alert.

S—it is too abstract. What happens if you cannot be alert? Do you want him to smack you? That is not what you are talking about. Right? (I like this guy!! Very smart and good listener!!)

G—Right. During my 20’s, it is not like I did not date. I did do everything most people do in time. But my relationships have been too emotional. I liked him too much. It was so emotional that.,,

S—you could not stand up for yourself. (he is good!!)

G—yes. After that I would have too much regrets. ?? even to a proper partner.??  (sorry,,I somehow am not sure about it.)  And,  I would worry about it a lot. I would like both of us to try and anyway, it is about becoming each other’s best friends in all types of talks. I would like to meet that type of a person. Of course, it is not like it will happen just because I want it.

S—that is true. Relationships are funny. When one is able to stand up like that, we again miss and long for the type of relationship where we can lean on and get absorbed. It would feel like such a relationship seems more genuine. Then, if one goes into such  a relationship, one would again regret for being in such a relationship at old age. I think human relationships are set up for regrets.  

G—I guess so.

S—Let’s listen to a recommended song after talking more. If we hear the music, we must end the program. So what is your current plan—you want an album but how about now?

G—there are lot of people who do not know that I do music.

S—I did not know either except through news.

G—unless one watches my movies. But I realized that it is more comfortable to listen to songs with lyrics. I think I am continually introducing myself.

S—like a new singer.


S—someone asks that you are clearer about what you don’t like. So what type of guy do you dislike? So an opposite of your ideal. Someone you cannot stand.

G—Someone who is rude.

S—to you or to others?

G—to others. I strongly dislike man who are only nice to me.

S—ahh someone without manners.

G—I feel it is cowardly

S—to be different with different people.


S—another person asks, can we see GHS-ssi on Music programs too?

G—(emphatically) NO.

S—I think you will be fine.

G—I think I will cause an accident while broadcasting.

S—A-Pink followed by GHS-ssi on stage. A-Pink’s “no, no, no” followed by GHS’s “It is You”. Something about it feels similar. (GHS cracks up) If album comes out, don’t you think you should at least do Sketchbook program if not music program?

G—If they accept me, I can try but it might just be an event. (??)

S—a big male fan asks if there is anything else that you want to challenge yourself?

G—no, many people refer to what I do as a challenge. But, to me, they are not “challenge”.

S—But, to outsiders, they are challenges. How would you characterize them?

G—to me, they were already inside of me and I am just expressing them. I am making an image of what is already there. And, I am just using different mediums to express them—like writing, singing, composing…anything outside of them, I really don’t know anything and also did not even have interest.

S—I have here few of your art pieces that you uploaded. Is GHS a known artist?

G—me? Rather than an artist, there are more people who look at my art because I am an actress.

S—I went to Hong Kong art fair and the pieces there are not as good as yours. (GHS laughs) But the pieces are sold for 2-uck even though they may be as small as one’s palm.

G—prices can be expensive.

S—If you succeed, can it be good even as an artist?

G—I am moving towards that.

S—Uh..You had your art pieces at Hong Kong Art Fair this year? (his pd must have informed him and he must have gone to past Hong Kong Art Fair??)


S—did you sell any?

G—I did sell.

S—wow,,,let us become close friends. (GHS cracks up) Is that white shirt that you are wearing truly cost 5000000won?


S—It was a joke.

G—I do not invest into clothes and basically wear what I have worn before.

S—I am the top when it comes to not investing money into clothes. Another person comments that there are lots of prejudices about GHS just because she does so many things. But after looking at your painting, my feelings about you have changed 180 degrees. She says she loves your painting.

G—thank you.

S—It looks good even as a copy. It must be really good to look at the original. What kind of drawing is this?

G—Size is pretty big and is drawn with oil painting. I do a lot of ink drawings.

S—your painting is really cool. I want to see more.

G—in the past, I have done a lot of abstract work. But, now I draw lot of real things.

S—where is your studio? At your house?

G—I do have a studio and basically live there.

S—That is cool. You were that great a person? You were just a little kid at that time. A girl who likes frogs. (GHS cracks up) OK to the commercials.

S—You recommended to hear Kim Gwang Jin’s “Letter”. You like it?

G—Recently, I really like the lyrics.

S—It is truly an amazing song. You mean you started to like this song in 2013?


S—You are very late. (GHS cracks up) We look forward to your various activites in the future. And, I was glad. Do you want to say anything to the fans?

G—Thank you very much. To all the listeners, I wish you all happy and healthy lives.

S—me too. I hope for happiness. Go well.

Kim GwangJIn’s LETTER: (what a beautiful and yet sad song)--It is a song about sincerely and so kindly letting someone you love go. "I am accepting your long, long silence as your good-bye.....I will not bother you....I will miss you...I am letting go of any hope that you may return.....find a good partner and live well....I have to say your being with me really helped me with the hard times....Know that I am sincere when I bid you good life...."
I now wonder why GHS chose this song. She also wrote the good bye song for SIG....maybe she really did part with someone she loves???-----keke

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