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[6 August 2013] Koo Hye Sun at Mnet The Music (part 2)

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capture by bambi

Video credit : bambi
English translation by cheerkoo @ GHS thread soompi page 1223.
On screen: WOULD WE HAVE BEEN HAPPY?—when love is not going well. GHS’s emotion and Suh InGuk’s voice making exquisite harmony to maximize the bittersweet emotions.
SJH—Did you also maybe make requests to other singers?

GHS—Sweet Sorrow!
(Everybody cracks up laughing.)
BST—It has finally arrived. Today’s highlight!
GHS—Sweet Sorrow. At that time I was making a 3D short film and made a song called “Cotton Candy”. (Ahh! I remember the cotton candy given to the little boy who made a mistake playing on the piano and how that made the grown little boy cry!! I wonder if GHS used that song in the OST??) When I made it, it made me think of Sweet Sorrow. I felt like it could be your song.
SJH—Of course, “cotton candy” is Sweet Sorrow. Actually one of my nicknames is cotton candy. Aka cotton candy. (laughter)  At that time, we were all feeling sad about it and we felt very sorry. At that time, our album release date collided with your request.
GHS—I realize that when I make a proposal and then receive a rejection that is not a real rejection, then they are most definitely receptive the next time. (GHS is so funny in this program…she is bold and full of aegyo too. I hope you all the Sunnies see it too. Keke Is it ChungHwa or is it GHS! kekeke)
(So, they all break out into laughter especially SJH of Sweet Sorrow who may very well be now bound to GHS’s request/proposal!!!  Maybe that is why GHS said he is so handsome in the beginning??? She was buttering him up?? Kekeke)
SJH---Please, contact us for sure.
GHS—yes. It is very possible that I would call you immediately tomorrow.
SJH—tomorrow? (he looks dumbfounded. Keke)  any time. (GHS is laughing away along with the other mc.)
BST—Besides Sweet Sorrow, did you have other similar experience recently?
GHS—recently? I am not sure if I should say this or not. I really love Lee Juk-ssi. I am a fan of his music. I did ask him if we could do a duet for IT IS YOU. But,,,, Lee Juk-ssi gave me lots of help. He advised me a lot on the emotional portion. But, since we do have some age difference..
BST—He did not want to do the duet.
SJH—perhaps it would be a bit awkward for him to sing a love song together.
GHS—Yes, I think he was somewhat awkward about it. Instead he proposed for me to make a “dark” song. So, that day, I wrote a “dark” song and, just few days ago, I sent it to him. That is the situation, but I am thinking whether I should have said it here. Now, I am a bit worried.
BST—Is it true that you made a song but did not credit yourself on purpose?
GHS—Yes. For the SBS drama Please Captain, I made a song called FLY AGAIN. (Please Captain OST Part 3). I was worried about any type of prejudice or preconceived ideas by the public about my individual activity.
On screen: FLY AGAIN—lyrics, music, sung by GHS. Musical arrangement by Choi In Young. A song that feels like a colorful painting.
GHS—I had such worrisome thoughts about it at the time and at the same time I wanted to team up with Choi InYoung-ssi with whom I consistently worked together. We made our name to be Documentary. But, if you search the net under “documentary”, there are too many of them.
SJH—Of course.
BST—Among American bands, there is a band called “Live”.
On screen: LIVE: a 4-member, musically excellent American band that integrates 1980’s American Rock music with 1990’s Alternative Rock.
SJH--?Secret Sumbi??
BST—Problem is that if one searches for LIVE, there are too many other things called Live. So, it is hard to tell which is which.
BST—I am not a famous person. But, if I search for Bae Soon Tak, except for an insurance agent named Bae Soon Tak, there is no other Bae Soon Tak. (SJH cracks up.)  So, I strongly recommend that you change your team’s name.
SJH—You really have a great name. For me also, Sung JinHwan is not a common name. By mistake, Sung Jun Hwan may pop up, but it is really hard to find Sung Jin Hwan. (Both GHS and BST are cracking up.)
BST—he is so funny.
SJH—You have so many songs that you created. Can you recommend a song among all your songs that would be great to listen to in this hot summer weather?
GHS—I made a song called, I AM DUMB. It is a very simple and monotonous song. It is a song when one falls deeply in love or feeling that one-sided love and not feeling so smart about it. I think I made that song when it was summer time like this. (I am so curious now. When did she make that song? It seems like she may have made a series of love songs around the same time. Who could the guy be who made our HyeSun-ssi head over heels in love with him? When she made I AM DUMB, I don’t think she was in Taiwan. Right? That was summer before going over to Taiwan. I think…Uh Oh…I am getting distracted..keke)
GHS sings I AM DUMB—When I think about it, I think I am dumb. I am falling in love with you without figuring out how to forget about you. Woooooo I cannot forget you.
On screen: A simple melody that contains her deep feelings. She is singing the song that she kept tightly hidden all this time.
SJH—Now very carefully, this is THE MUSIC’s very important point.
GHS—Dol Jic Gu =? Throwing Stone ??(screen says, she already knows.)
SJH—It is music-gu. It is not just dol jic gu. We combined music and dol jic gu to make Mu-Jic-Gu. (It seems like they are bringing up people’s criticisms for GHS to respond. That is why the segment is called throwing stones?)
MuJicGu #1—GHS’s artistic work does not take into consideration the mass public.
GHS—It used to be true. What I am writing and composing now are very different from what I did before. It is not that I ignored the public, but, at that time, I really thought that my work was very people-oriented. Communication with the public at that time did not go smoothly. Of course, there clearly is my personal artistic style. However, no matter what, I am doing this work so that there is I can share/understand/communicate with as many people as possible. So, I feel that what I must do now is to have as many people as possible listen to my music and to have as many people as possible to make up their minds to watch my movies. I feel that is the first thing. And, then I can wait for the criticisms/judgments later. (ahh from the MC’s.)
MuJicGu#2 –(by BST)—(I am not sure if I heard him correctly in the beginning of his statememt…but) ~GHS has her unique dark movies along with her bright songs. They all seem like a trick/sneakiness. They feel that everything she is doing is to create an image of herself. (on screen: GHS’s artistic activity is a way to build up an intellectual image for herself.)   If there are people who react that way, how would you…
GHS: (with a look of definite attitude..I have never seen this side of GHS. It is refreshing!!! I wonder if other Sunnies see it too.) Of course there is 내숭=“sneakiness”. (then, she smiiles! Hahaha. MC’s did not expect such a reaction from GHS!! On screen: GHS’s unexpected revelation.)
BST—(surprised and laughing) Wait a minute. I did not expect this.
SJH—Are you saying this is all for making an image?
GHS—I feel that it is necessary. (on screen: GHS is talking about “image-making”). Why? It is because…(smiling) I have been thinking this way recently~I need to be dating better with the public. I feel that my romantic relationship with the public has not been progressing well because I have been too preoccupied with my own feelings and emotions.
Both MC’s seem to agree with her insights.
SJH—You feel you have been too focused on your own emotions?
GHS—I have been focusing so much on only what I like, people I like and only expressing what I like. I was not prepared to listen to what they want. Basically I have been engrossed too much in my own emotions and was not able to be more rational /logical. Recently I have been thinking a lot about needing to be ready to listen more than or as much as I talk. Recently I have started to realize that the situation is not so different from dating a man.
SJH—Wow, the more we talk, I am even more looking forward to GHS’s next projects.
BST—Definitely remember to listen and watch more.
GHS—I am planning to develop even more 내숭=sneakiness (I wish I can think of a better word. More calculating? More shrewdness? Being more political with the public?? On the screen: GHS’s unending revelation. I like this GHS today!! Very refreshing!)
MC’s—Yeah. Right On!! That is cool!! (They are encouraging her! Hahaha)
On screen: GHS who is busy preparing her regular/full album. GHS is asking if the song is too low.
Question: What is the concept for your album?
GHS: If I have been making songs that are more Bossa Nova or sweet and light, I now want to try to magnify or enlarge the degree of emotions and I want to strengthen or toughen up the lyrics. For example, “Do I have to really die!” –something like that. (laughter)
(I like her red cup that says: Keep Calm Carry On. )
GHS singing her new song—(maybe too high for her??)—“Even if we can form a relationship,  there is nothing we can do if it is too burdensome...
Choi In Young: (composer and Documentary member) HyeSun-ssi is a type of person who immediately goes into action if she has a thought about something. She has incredible energy to carry out the activity to its completion. She has the good personality to make a lot of projects happen.
GHS: There are so many songs that disappear in one to two days and there are so many songs that do not even make it to the charts. However, for me, rather than going up on the chart, I like the songs that really endure for a long time. A song without an expiration date, a song that is saved in someone’s mp3 is what I really like. I feel that is what is good.
SJH—Within few years, you are referred to as a director as well as a musician. It is not too distant future. In 10 years, have you thought about what you will be like then?
GHS—I feel that I will be farming.
On screen: Huh?
GHS—Actually, I am farming even now.
SJH—Real farming? …ahh, project farming. (boy SJH gets it quick!!)
GHS—Yes, that is farming too.
On screen: art farming
GHS—In 10 years, I also like nature and I like land/dirt. My father can grow/develop anything even from the smallest bit of earth. If you look outside, there are grapes everywhere growing fully. Do you see them?
On screen: Inside GHS’s older sister’s café, her father is an actually working landscape artist!
GHS—actually they should be ripe by now. But we are late because we could not complete the work of wrapping the grapes early enough.
SJH—wow, those are real grapes!
GHS—Yes. They are grapes and in the back we have ??guh-bong??.
SJH—Are you thinking about a large farm?
GHS—no, no.
SJH—same as now?
GHS—(she is talking symbolically) I want to“ farm” myself for sure. (on screen: great projects for sure) First, I feel it is important to meet a good man and by taking one step at a time I should “farm” my life. Ultimately, I do like to grow things and build a farm. When my hair turns gray, I have been thinking that such a life would be most fitting for me.
On screen: GHS’s average dream to live with her family inside the nature.
On screen: “I believe that an artist must be able to have a good love relationship with the public.” Goo HyeSun.

WOW! I really enjoyed this interview. I saw yet another side to GHS..but just as smart and insightful!! I wonder if she can also come out in the vareity show called Hwashin? Wow, Cafe Manolin has grapes growing!! That would be somthing to see!!

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