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Greeting and Official Trailer by Koo Hye Sun-14th Persons with Disabilities Film Festival

제14회 장애인영화제 홍보대사 구혜선 인사말 

(The 14th Movie Festival by Disabled Persons; Greeting from Promotion Ambassador GHS) 

눈으로 듣고 귀로 보고 마음으로 하나되는 영화축제 Hear with Eyes, See with Ears, Become One with Hearts Movie Festival. 

제14회 장애인영화제     14th Movie Festival by The Disabled Persons. 

2013. 9. 23 ~ 27 서울 목동 방송회관 브로드홀  9/23~27, 2013 at Seould Mok-dong Broadcast Center at Broad Hall. 

 제 14회 장애인영화제 홍보대사 구혜선 씨의 인사말입니다. This is the Promotion Ambassador GHS-ssi's greeting for the 14th Movie Festival by the Disabled Persons. 

Hello. This is GHS who has been given the responsibility of making the trailer as well as being assigned the promotion ambassador for the 14th Movie Festival by the Disabled/Handicapped where “we hear with our eyes, see with our ears, and become one with our hearts”. (sorry—I cannot understand one word or 2 in the next sentence, So I will trans. this way.) To ensure cultural/artistic ? of the disabled persons, Movie Festival by the Disabled started in 2000. The movies contain themes/subject matter about the disabled persons and/or the disabled persons directly participate in the production of the movies. The purpose is to inform and communicate with the world.
As we know, there are so many different ways of living. Through the 14th Move Festival by the Disabled, we aim to tell the stories of the disabled persons as is so that we are able to empathize and understand. We invite you all to the 14th Movie Festival by the Disabled. Let us meet the last week in September at Mok-dong’s Broadcast Center (Broad Hall). Thank you.

제14회 장애인영화제 공식 트레일러 

눈으로 듣고 귀로보고 마음으로 하나되는 영화축제 

제14회 장애인영화제 

2013. 9. 23 ~ 27 서울 목동 방송회관 브로드홀 

제14회 장애인영화제 공식 트레일러입니다. 

감독/출연 : 구혜선  

GHS's official movie trailer for the 14th Movie Festival by the Disabled Persons to be held Sept 23, 2013: 

(WOW!  I love the trailer. She has been working hard—so very hard!!! Love her background music from –is it the one from her BREATH album and/or from her MAGIC movie OST!!!) 

(I love the way she echos her words inside the water. Like the words are in the water too...So clever!!  She really has portrayed one aspect that a disabled person may experience in their everyday life through her trailer and relating it to the concept of love…..How does she do it!! So much creativity…with such depth and simplicity….she is absolutely amazing!!!) 

In the trailer: 

I,,,I,,,,have fallen in love…fallen in love. 

Love in which nothing else is visible…2x….nothing else is heard…2x 

(and she portrays how lovely and peaceful and graceful and free that feeling is by her directing!...and acting!!…love it!!—inside the water where we really do not hear or see very clearly at all! What a concept!!) 

You (dangshin) are the most precious person…2x..(in sign language) 

I love you (dangshin)---2x(I am pointing out “dangshin” because it is more esteemed way of addressing “you” in Korean) 

(She also wrote her name at the end. 구혜선 드림===this is similar to writing at the end of a letter, “respectfully/sincerely from GHS”) 

(I think I know why GHS writes lyrics out in her two latest MV’s—MARRY ME and IT IS YOU. It is to make sure that those who cannot hear can see the content of the song….as she did in her trailer. I just love the concept and the content of her trailer…very sensitive and emotional!! She is getting better and better in my opinion!!) 

English translation by cheerkoo @ GHS thread soompi page 1232


Note from Stephanie

I love the trailer ^^ It's so beautiful. KHS looks very pretty underwater. I like the music and the sayings too.

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