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Koo Hye Sun-ArtisTree Ambassador 'What is Art to You?'

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Ku Hye Sun - ArtisTree Ambassador "What is art to you" Interview
 예술나무 홍보대사 구혜선감독 인터뷰 풀버전 최종

English translation by cheerkoo @ GHS thread soompi page 1225
ARTisTree  Ambassador of Promotion, Director GHS:
Screen: GHS’s MAGIC (2010) I think that art can be understood through love.
Screen: I feel that art is my life and other people’s lives.  I believe that a person’s life is art itself.
Screen: GHS’s Illustrations (2009)   Art is not a luxury but a medicine that heals pain.
Screen: I really want to draw a lot about huge love.
Screen:  I feel that Art Tree’s campaign work increases the quality of life and help us to have rich minds.
Screen:  What does art mean to you? (GHS part)
What are you doing these days?
Many people these days ask me if I gave up acting. That is not it. While I am preparing for a movie, I am also preparing for its acting.  I am also preparing for the private exhibition at the Shanghai Cultural Art Center next month. (This video must have taken in July?) I am hoping that I can be helpful in sharing culture with each other. 

What made you start the work of creative art?
I started to draw at very young age and accidentally went into acting. There are many reasons but I did feel burdened by the fact that acting required the person to be multi-talented. I perked up some courage to start once I also felt that it could enhance my acting work as well.

What type of change and what kind of influence are your creative work have in your own life?
Before I decided to do the art work, I myself also had prejudice/preconceived notions and measured other people’s work by my own standards.  But, since I started this type of work, I started to understand. 

Director Koo, what is art to you?
It is not a luxury, it is not special. It is just…my life. And, it is other people’s lives. It is not a finished product.  I feel that people’s lives are art itself. (hmmm,,,maybe that is why GHS became interested in documentary and doing it herself??)

What role do you think art can play in one’s personal life and for the societal progress?
It is not about dreaming up a whole new better world or expressing what is only beautiful. I feel that is is about giving some relief to people’s pain.  I feel that the best type of medicine is what can heal the painful mind/heart. I feel that that is what art is. 

I am curious as to what made you start sharing your talent?
I started to wonder if I have ability to share/give. Words like Talent-Share or Talent-Donation sound too tremendous. I just simply feel that I am doing what I can do.

Do you have an artist that you admire or a particular artistic orientation?
A It is too hard for me to just pick one. Rather than saying that I have a one role model or a one particular motif, I am trying to work on myself to be better and progressive.  And,,I want to draw more about “huge love”.  A love that is more than love.  I do not mean loving someone and what reputation he has or what kind of money he has. I mean about loving someone in a really big way and I want to create a lot of movies about that. I also want to write and act a lot about that.  (I definitely think that Peach Tree  is about that and I am looking forward to her next movie as well as her documentaries.  I think it is wonderful that she and the Shanghai Cultural Center also decided to include activities with children,,,,giving a message and idea that art is all about sharing and communication and occurs at any educational and economic levels. I have a feeling that GHS had a hand in that idea..don’t you think?? Keke)

What do you think about what ARTisTree is doing and any message of support?
I used to think it a very difficult task. But I have been feeling that the barrier-door is much more wide open and I hope that it can be maintained that way. I feel that the work of Art Tree is making the quality of life better and better enhancing the minds. I hope that a lot of people participate and become interested and give a lot of love. ArtisTree Fighting!

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