Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Koo Hye Sun's Cafe Manolin at Star Coffee Shop


Video credit via meow.
English translation by cheerkoo @ GHS thread soompi page 1225.

They went into Cafe Manolin and asked if GHS runs this shop and the staff says it is. 
Did GHS design the space? Yes she did. 
The female evaluator for the space design says that her design idea is very unique and different. Most people uses square space but she uses various spaces for sitting, etc. There are tons of unique charming props...but she does not like the fact that there are TeddyBears out in the entrance..she thinks some people may like it but others would not. She says that teddy bears out in the front does not give it an idea that it is a Gallery Coffee shop. (But,,,I think it  is very welcoming!! The bike outside also seems to be saying to me take a break from  where you are going and just relax.....I read from bloggers that they are never forced to leave early and that it makes them feel comfortable and dogs are allowed to stay in the outdoor part of the cafe..right??)   She thinks GHS may have showcased everything that she likes for people to see but does not necessarily may not be what other like...so she gives it score of 85. The mc thinks GHS just has to get rid of the Teddy bears out in the front.  Another male evaluator tasted their coffee and give it score of 75..but he did not say anything bad..."there is no bitter after-taste and dry"..I am not a coffee connoisseur,,,,is that bad??
These people must have visited various coffee shops and GHS's Gallery Coffee shop is ranked 4th.

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