Sunday, August 11, 2013

MinSun Library & Gallery-Happy 1st Blogoversary

11 August is a special day for MinSun Library & Gallery blog. Time runs so fast. It has been 1 year since I created this blog (11 August 2012).

To celebrate 1st blogoversary, I want to share why I created this blog.

I started liking MinSun since 2009 but I went crazy on them in 2010. At that time I tried to use internet to get more info about them. There are some blogs I like-MinSun is Love, MinSun Philippines, and Goo Hye Sun Philippines. Those 3 blogs brought me into MinSun world deeper. Because of them, I know Soompi forum and know some MinSun fans.

Not only the content of the blog, but I also love the design. I still didn’t know how to make a beautiful header, etc. Those 3 blogs made me learn design later.

I started to think to make a blog about Koo Hye Sun/Lee Min Ho too. But to make a new blog and manage it, we need commitment. I wasn’t sure I could because I already another blog and I seldom posted =P So, creating a MinSun blog was still a dream.

More I know MinSun, I feel I can get much lesson from them. Sometimes I ask, “Is it only me who feel like this? Or other fans feel the same?” From the forum, I saw many fans learn so much from KHS. I got an idea how if we make a community, not only discuss news/info about KHS, but also discuss how she inspires us in our life. KHS also writes book and she loves books. I think we can make a book club. But… how many fans have the same vision with me? Seems it’s only me think to make an inspirational club/book club where the members are KHS fans…

I have a vision. If I should wait until more fans have a vision similar to me, how long? So, I moved… I created a blog, named Sunnies Library & Gallery.

Few months later, I was aware I also learn from LMH. I changed Sunnies Library & Gallery to MinSun Library & Gallery.

The vision is to share experiences related to MinSun, to share what we learn from LMH/KHS or both of them-how they inspire us in our life, to share things related to them and how our knowledge enrich through them (books, arts, etc.), and to share our works inspired by them (fanfics, fan arts, etc.).

So, if you are MinSuners, Minoz, or Sunnies… I’m so glad to know LMH and KHS inspire you… Please share with me ^^

At this chance, I thank to God for letting me know BOF and MinSun. Thank to LMH and KHS for always inspiring. Thank to MinSun bloggers-MinSun is Love, MinSun Philippines, Goo Hye Sun Philippines and other bloggers I know later for your amazing blog. Thank to fan art makers and fanfic writers-I learn from you too, and… thank to all my blog visitors and readers, thanks for visiting, enjoying, and reading MinSun Library & Gallery. I hope what I share through this blog can inspire you.

Happy 1st blogoversary, MinSun Library & Gallery!! ^^

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