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Some Articles About Koo Hye Sun

Cheerkoo : I would like to take interesting portions from the articles that you all posted and translate them. We already know a lot about her so I am skipping parts of the articles. 

Thanks cheerkoo for the translation of these articles at GHS thread soompi page 1223 ^^
GHS met the reporter on August 6th in HongDae Café.
구혜선이 이런 멀티 플레이가 가능했던 이유 하나는 인터넷 얼짱 출신이란 편견에 가려졌던 그의 꽤나 강단있고 독립적인 성격에서 기인한다.= (appears to be Reporter Go GyungMin’s opinion) The reason for GHS’s ability to become a multi-player had been hidden behind the bias against her for having started out as the internet ullzzang. It comes from her amazingly decisive and independent personality.

막내인 구혜선은 스무살 때부터 부모로부터 독립해 서울에서 혼자 자취 생활을 했다. 성격상 부모에게 손을 내미는 스타일도 아니었거니와 일찍이 돈을 벌기 시작한 탓에 독립은 자연스럽게 이뤄졌다. 지금도 그는 강아지 3마리, 고양이 2마리와 함께 혼자 생활하고 있다. 어렸을 때부터 미술 예술에 소질을 보였던 그는 혼자 있는 시간을 즐겼고 시간들은 고스란히 예술적 영감을 얻고 창작을 하는 쓰였다. Younger of the two sisters, GHS started to live alone independently at age 20 in Seoul. She is not the type to depend on her parents for money, so it was very natural for her to independently start earning a living. Even now, she lives alone with her 3 dogs and 2 cats.  She enjoys being alone and uses that time to obtain artistic inspiration and to work on her creations. 
GHS’s statement: “가장 중요한 것은 최후의 승자가 되는 것이다. 지금은 뭐가 잘되고 무엇을 한다고 해서 그걸 인생의 목표로 두고 승리감을 느낄 때는 아니다. 내가 앞으로 어떤 사람으로 살아남느냐가 중요하다. 20대때는 분명꽃보다 남자 히트를 쳤었지만 그것 뿐인 사람으로 머물면 안되지 않을까? 이에 나를 더욱 만들어서 살아야겠다 싶었다. 그게 인생의 계획이 됐다.” The most important thing is becoming the final victor. This is not the time to set a life goal as achieving triumphant outcomes for projects/works. More important is what kind of person I will be to survive in this world. Yes, I did have a hit in my 20’s through BOF. But I cannot be content to remain there. I felt the need to make myself even better and live well. That became my life’s plan.

혜선의 말을 빌면 그는 과거에는 막연하게 무언가를 실행에 옮겼다면 지금은 점점 명확한 목표점이 생겨나는 했다. 분야의 전문인이 되려면 7년이 걸린다고 하는 분명 10년이 지나고 20년이 지난 자신은 당연히 더욱 나아져 있을 것이라 믿는단다. 현재의 목표는 자신이 만든 것들을 계속해서 알리고 싶다는 것이다. To borrow GHS’s words, in the past, she may have done things with a vague sense of purpose. But, gradually, her goals are becoming clearer for her. They say it takes 7 years to become an expert in an area and she believes that, in 10 to 20 years, she will definitely be better than now. Her current goal is to continuously show what she made to the public.

이에 구혜선에게 명의아티스트로서 인정받고 싶은 욕구가 있는 것은 아닌 솔직하게 물었다. Reporter directly asked her, don’t you want to be acknowledged as an”artist”?
나를 아티스트로 인정을 해준다면 고마울 따름이지만 그게 절대 인생의 목표가 되서는 된다 명확히 선을 그었다.“차츰 소설이나 그림, 영화를 보는 친구들이 생기고 있다. 그렇게 읽고 주시는 것만으로도 시간 동안 창작물에 시간을 투자해 주고 나와 잠시나마 호흡한다는 것만으로도 만족스러운 일이다. 그리고 그렇게 작품을 접한 분들은 비평은 해도 맹목적인 비난은 하지 않더라.” GHS: “Of course I would be very grateful if they acknowledge me as an artist. But, it cannot be my life’s objective.” GHS was very emphatic about her point. “At times, I befriend people who have read my novels and watched my movies. I am sufficiently satisfied that they invested their time into my work and, even for a brief time, they shared something with me. Those who read and saw my works may criticize them but do not blindly make accusations against me.”

실제 대중이 구혜선을 바라보는 시각은 극과 극이다. People observe  GHS from opposite poles. (One group loves her and another borders on defamation. )  구혜선도 점을 너무나 알고 있었다. “대중에게구혜선하면 정확히 반반으로 호불호가 갈린다. 중간은 없더라. 좋으면 정말 좋고 싫으면 그냥 너무 싫은거다. 나를 롤모델로 존경한다는 사람들이 있는 반면 사람은 저러고 살지?’하고 이상하게 바라보는 시선도 많다. 그런데 그게 정말 좋다. 댓글도 보는 편인데 나란 똑같은 사람을 놓고 각자 다르게 보는 신기하고 그걸 보며 공부가 때가 있다. '이렇게도 생각할 있겠구나' 내가 몰랐던 스스로를 발견하기도 한다.” GHS is very aware of that point. The public seems to either clearly like her or clearly dislike her. There is no middle. If they like me, they really like me, but if they don’t like me, they really hate me. Some would consider me a role-model and others would look at me strangely. “why does she live like that?” But, I really like it. I read what is on the internet and the people’s responses to them. The fact that people have different views about me, just one person me, is so very interesting to me and it is also helpful to me learn. Ah, it is possible to think this way. Sometimes, I can discover aspects about myself that I did not see or know before. 

얼마전에는 새로운 영화 시나리오의 집필도 마쳤다. “로맨틱 코미디 장르로 제목은소주의
상식이다. 어쩌다 보니 내가 만든 영화들은 죄다 우중충했던 같은데 원래는 따뜻하고 재밌는 스토리를 좋아한다. 이에 이번 작품을 통해 로코물에 도전해보려고 한다. 정말 이상한 여자 소주와 보통 남자 상식이의 연애 스토리를 담았는데 내년 중에는 작품을 보여드릴 있지 않을까 싶다.“ Not too long ago, she was able to complete another movie scenario. It is a romantic comedy and the title is ‘Soju’s Sangshik’.  Somehow, it ended up that all the movies that I made seem to appear dark and gloomy, but I really enjoy warm and fun stories. Through this scenario, I am planning to challenge myself in the romantic-comedy genre. It is a love story of a strange woman SoJu with a normal man SangShik. I hope I can show to the public by next year. 

(same reporter GO GyungMin---GHS must have had a long interview!!) This article is about her song
IT IS YOU and her interaction with singer songwriter Lee JangHee whom she met in Ullengdo. Most of it is covered in MNET THE MUSIC interview. 

실제 곡이 출시되고 이장희의 반응은 어땠을까? 구혜선은나중에 곡을 들려드렸는데 들어보시고? 좋다. 음악도 하는구나. 몰랐네라고 하셨다. 그리고 한참 있다가 영화도 한다며? 몰랐다 며칠 있다가아니 유명한 사람이라며?’하고 놀라워하셨다. 나에 대해 아무 정보 없이 흔쾌히 노래를 허락해 주셔서 솔직히 기분이 좋았다라며 환한 미소를 지었다. What was the reaction of Lee JangHee to her song? When he heard my song, he said: “Uh? It is good. I see that you can made music. I did not know that. Then after a long pause, he said: I heard that you made movies too. I did not know that.  Then, few days later, he said with a surprise,  “I hear that you are a famous person!” GHS gave a bright smile as she said, “The fact that he readily gave me permission to write my song without knowing much about me truly and really made me feel good.”

정규 앨범에 대한 욕심과 바람도 있다. 이미 발표한 가사가 있는 곡들을 합치면 7 정도 되고 여기에 현재 공개하지 않은 신곡도 3 정도 있다. 하지만 정규 앨범은 책임감이 주어지는 의미이기 때문에 실제로 있을지 여부는 시간이 필요할 같다.” She also has hopes for releasing full-regular album. If we are to add up all the songs with lyrics that she has already released, there are 7 songs. She also has about three new songs that she has not yet released. Because she places even more responsibility on releasing a full album, she is not yet sure if will actually release it and feels she needs more time. 

긴장을 많이 하는 편이라.. 연습하면 고쳐진다고 하는데 도저히 되더라. 뮤지컬은 물론이고 녹화가 아닌 생방송에 대한 공포증이 굉장히 심하다. SBS ‘인기가요 진행을 생방송으로 1 정도를 했을 때도 번도 긴장이 됐던 적이 없었다. 매번 테이블 밑으로 손을 바들바들 떨었다. 얼굴 끝까지 피가 몰리고 심장이 쪼그라드는 느낌이랄까? 나처럼 긴장하는 분들은 어떤 느낌인 정말 공감할 것이다. 나는 가수들처럼 쇼적인 것은 약하다. 미리 준비해서 만들어서 짠하고 놓는게 적성에 맞다.” (about her live show fear) Normally I get tense a great deal,,,they tell me that I can fix it if I practice hard. But, it does not work on me. Fear of performing live is tremendous for me. When I was an mc for the SBS INGIGAYO for about one and half year, there was never a moment without tension. My hands and legs shook terribly under the table all the time. It feels like blood rushing up to the top of my head and my heart feeling as if being squeezed down. I am sure that many people who have the same experience will know what I mean. I am weak when it comes to showmanship of singers. I am better with things that I can fully prepare and make in advance.”


Again on the same day of August 6th, GHS moved to another café, this time in MaPo-gu and spoke with another Reporter Yoon SungYul. (she saves time by scheduling all the interviews on the same day or close to each other?? Maybe that is why, at times, we see her with same clothes…keke..she seems to be the queen of managing time without waste….haha)

배우 구혜선이 가수로서 역량을 발휘한 자작곡 '그건 ' 담긴 비화를 공개했다. GHS shared the inside story behind her new song that shows her competency as a singer: It is you.
구혜선은 "제목대로 '그건 '라는 인물이 있었을 혼자 두근거리는 마음으로 만들었다" "지금은 끝이 나버렸지만 한창 짝사랑을 하고 있던 때에 나왔으면 훨씬 신선했을 "이라고 말했GHS: “As the title indicates, there once was a real person who represents “IT IS YOU”. She wrote the song when her heart was trembling, “It is now over but, I wrote the song when I had a deep crush on someone. If the song came out at that time, it would have been much fresher.” 

그는 "과거엔 안내고 짝사랑을 많이 하는 편이었다" "음반이 나오면 우연히 상대에게 ' 들어보라' 하고, 남자는 ' 얘기는 아니겠지'하며 평가하는 모습을 떠올렸다. 혼자서 그렇게 상상의 날개를 펼치며 머릿속으로 드라마를 썼던 같다" 해맑게 웃었다. GHS: “In the past, without any signs of exposure, I would have lots of crushes. I would imagine writing a song and casually asking the man I have a crush on to listen to the song. Then, he would say, ‘It cannot be about me. Right?’  And he would go on to evaluate my song. I would just imagine such dramas in my head.” GHS would brightly smile about it. 

Regaring her MV--그는 "노래를 만드는 과정을 그대로 찍은 "이라며 "자연스러우면서 오래된 필름 같은 느낌을 연출하려 했다. 2 모습이라 그런지 조금은 풋풋하다" 말했다. “I made a film of myself making the song. I wanted it to look very natural and give off the feeling that the film is old. It was me 2 years ago so I felt a little ? 풋풋하다? (I don’t know what the word means. But, I think it means fulfilled or satisfied?? I hear it in dramas a lot but it is not in my dictionary. Keke  But, But….. Wait a minute. Did I read that correctly?  That mv is from 2 years ago? When did GHS get Ssam the cat? Was it about 2 years ago?? I am really amazed. GHS had the business foresight to think about an MV idea back then. She really must have felt good about that song…. Keke)
Regarding getting the permission from singer and songwriter Lee ChangHee: 구혜선은 "처음엔 너무 조심스러웠다. 라인 글자만 들어가도 사람 작품인데 만약에 된다고 하시면 어떡하지 걱정도 많이 하면서 갔는데 너무 ''하게 오케이 해주셨다" 말했다.
그는 "최근엔 기획하고 있던 다큐멘터리 촬영 울릉도를 갔었는데 선생님을 뵙고 왔다" "울릉도에서는 내가 얻어먹었다" 했다. GHS:” At first, I was very worried. What if he said NO. Even if I used just one word that he used in his song, it is still his song and he could say NO. But he gave GHS a “cool” OK.  Recently, she went to Ullengo to film a documentary that she planned to do. She met Lee-sunsengnim and she says that she was the one who was treated nicely at Ullengdo.”

'예술나무 운동' 홍보대사에 소설가 김영하 배우 구혜선 위촉 =For the “Art Tree Campaign”, many people have been selected as ambassadors of promotion such as GHS and novelist Kim Young Ha.
아주경제 원문 기사전송 2013-08-07 10:39
소설가 김영하.영화배우 구혜선,음악가 김대진, 뮤지컬배우 김소현-손준호 부부, 하버드로스쿨 종신교수 석지영, 모델 미술가 송경아, 만화영화뽀로로감독 신창환, 만화가 윤태호씨 등이예술나무 운동홍보대사로 위촉됐다고 한국문화예술위원회(ARKO) 7 밝혔다.  On August 7th,  ARKO (Korean Cultural Art Committee) announced that following people are selected to be ambassadors for the promotion of  “Art Tree Campaign”: GHS; novelist Kim YoungHa; musician Kim DaeJin;  musical acting couple Kim SoHyun and Son JoonHo; Harvard Law School’s Tenured Professor Suk JiYoung; model and artist Song GyungAh; director of cartoons ‘PPo RoRo’ Shin Chang Hwan; cartoonist Yoon TaeHo, etc.  (Just like the other judges for the musical movie festival, GHS seems to be included among the elite in this event as well.)

이들은 예술의 가치 확산을 위한 인터뷰 다큐멘터리당신에게 예술은 무엇입니까 시민을 대상으로 하는 강연회아티스트리 릴레이 토크등에 참여한다. 문화예술이 우리의 삶에 어떤 영향을 미치고, 우리에게 필요한 지에 대해서 명의 예술가로서, 명의 잠재적 후원자로서 이야기를 나눈다.  These selected ambassadors will participate in various events and activities to spread the value of art. One such program is a documentary, titled, “what is art to you?”composed of interviews. Another event is a seminar for the public, titled, “Artists Tree Relay Talk” and will focus on what influence does art have on our culture and lives and why is it necessary in our lives. Speakers will conduct their talks as artists and/or as potential supporters.

8 서울 대학로 예술가의집에서 열리는아티스트리 릴레이 토크 번째 자리에는 김영하 씨가 강연자로 나서우리는 예술가가 되어야 하는가라는 주제로 이야기를 펼친다. 참가비는 무료다. On August 8th, “Artist Tree Relay Talk” will start with its first speaker and novelist Kim Young Ha at the House of Art on Seoul University Road. His topic is: “why we must become artists” and the event is free.
Note from Stephanie : I'll post the interview of Hye Sun "What is Art to You?" later~

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