Sunday, September 29, 2013

[28 Sept 2013] Koo Hye Sun- 'Butterfly Effect' Exhibition at CICB

Koo Hye Sun~'Butterfly Effect' exhibition at Cheongju International Craft Biennale
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cre CICB Facebook
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cre Ayesuper

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What is 'butterfly effect'?
cre : ari_oppa @ GHS thread page 1250
Don't you know guys actually butterfly effect is a kind of science theory from an American mathematician and meteorologist, and a pioneer of chaos theory named Edward Norton Lorenz.... I meant wow ?1??! Does Hye Sun read some of books or articles about science in her free time?. How come she get the idea to use butterfly effect theory and then translate it into an art work If she never know/read first about butterfly effect theory, right?

The invitation
photo cre : Ayesuper
translation by H.J Won

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cre Ayesuper

All our lives are art.
Hereby I invite you all to the <Butterfly Effect> which motto is that just props become craftwork touched and taken care by little lights.
I hope my little breath here becomes great hope for you all.

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