Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Blogger Visited Cafe Manolin

English trans by cheerkoo at GHS thread soompi page 1240

Blogger is a regular at Cafe Manolin. Even her mom and ?Mashil? also go there often. She also runs into GHS every time she goes there...she thinks it is her luck or that it is because she goes there so often. Even that day,,she saw GHS and took a pix from distance that day. She says she did not mean to take her pix but it happened...keke She says that GHS-unni acknowledges the blogger by smiling at her with her big eyes, She says that Cafe Manolin is a very comfortable place for her and she likes it even more because GHS-unni is also so kind to her. (GHS is seen with her guests--looks like man and woman?? maybe Ji Sung and LBY??--keke--blogger did not say.)
That day, the blogger played/let loose a lot with Gamja. She warns Gamja not to eat dirt from the plant pot,..keke
Wow, it must be nice to go to Cafe Manolin so often--like 2nd home and then run into GHS too!! One can check out with whom she is meeting!! keke
Blogger posted it on Sept 9th.

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