Sunday, September 8, 2013

[Feature] MinSunner's Note

Hi... hi... MinSunners ^^

As some of you maybe know that I posted MinSun's similarity which is until now still part 1 hehehe... So sorry. Actually there are soooo many similarities between MinSun. I think I'm not a good observer lol... Beside that I don't have much time to observe/monitor our couple's similarities.

Well, I liked MinSun since 2009 but I was not concern on their similarities =P I knew they have similarities because I saw it from other blogs and forums.

Don't know... I think since I started this blog, it also means I learn more about them :D

I consider to continue the feature MinSun's similarity with different name, MinSunner's Note. What do you think? And I need help from other sisters who are experts in finding their similarities hehe... I'll post things related to MinSun in this feature. I'll borrow other MinSunners' observation from blogs/forums. Of course with credit~ Also, if I have my own thoughts/own observation I'll post too...

Now I'm going to collect materials for this feature ^^ See you later...

Happy weekend and have a nice week ahead~

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