Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Inspirational Boys over Flowers (3)

We meet again in Inspirational Boys over Flowers post. I will make it until part 5.

In this part 3 I'm going to share how BOF inspired me in design ^^

When I watch a Korean drama, I like to see the interior design. Even I like to imagine then make the interior layout of the house, store, etc. if it's possible to make/there is enough info from drama to make it. Joon Pyo's home, Jan Di's home, and ShinHwa School~I love them.

Through BOF, Iwas also motivated to make fan arts especially MinSun fan arts. Seeing many fan arts on internet made by other MinSunners, I thought I want to make it too. 

Not only fan arts, I feel I want to make the ShinHwa School logo too hahaha... Crazy me? Lol... 

I'm so grateful I got a chance to learn Photoshop ^^ But Photoshop only not enough =P Then I learn CorelDRAW.

Now I can make fan arts, logos (including MinSun Library & Gallery logo), blog headers etc. My works are still not perfect, I should exercise more and more. It feels satisfied when I can make my own fan arts etc.

See you in part 4. Can you guess what I'll share in part 4?

And, if you are inspired by BOF too, I'm glad to know your sharing ^^

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