Sunday, September 29, 2013

Koo Hye Sun-EBS Program 'Bookmark'

English trans by cheerkoo @ GHS thread soompi page 1249

She recommends 2 books here through this EBS program called "chek, galpi=book mark"

First one she recommends (she read excerpts from this book when she was a guest speaker at GyungHee University Book Festival) is author Jang YoungHee's Miracles I Lived and Miracles I will Live (published on May 12, 2009)
GHS says that she came across this book while she herself was trying to sort out how to live her life more meaningfully. When she read it, she felt as if she was getting a message that she needed to hear at that time. Then the narrator says that the author Jang wrote her own story; she is someone who actually overcame her own physical illness and discomfort through just hope. She not only has a disability but also battles cancer. Even so, she finds hope in every aspect of living that the readers will find themselves smiling while reading. GHS says she felt comforted by the book. She gave the book to her friends and other people--to those who might need some comforting. 

GHS's second book recommendation esp for the young generation is: author Aekuni Gaori's Falling Evening. The reason that I am recommending this book is....actually I want to read this book again myself. This book makes one look inward at oneself--the screen says: "A time to observe myself after a break up.."
GHS--"For me, such self-observations have been, at times, traumatic. I identified with the book a great deal."
The narrator says that Aekuni Gaori's style is very feminine and sensitive in talking about the aftermath of a broken love. 
GHS says: "reading is for me a tool and a friend who helps me find who I am."
On screen: GHS: "A book is about self-discovery".

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