Sunday, October 13, 2013

Koo Hye Sun's Artworks at 'AfterImage' Exhibition in Hong Kong

All photos credit to  丁仃汀訂釘町盯叮 @ Sina Weibo via ochloe @ Twitter

[Update] description of artworks credit to meow13 @ GHS thread soompi page 1266 / 
Meow and Jajay sis met Hye Sun at this exhibition. They asked Hye Sun about her paintings

This is a highlghting piece in the exhibition, so we asked about that. HyeSun said it’s her childhood memory. The tallest one is her mother, middle one is her sister while the smallest one s herself. Only mother has a mouth because she was the only one who speaks (when she was young of course). She said she was afraid of her mom during childhood, so she and her sister just smile but do not speak. And she said she is now less afraid of her mom, haha. 

 photo artwork_family_zps93050ba9.jpg

My parents
This is a cute piece and we were curious why she used 2 toothbrushes to symbolize her parents. Again she said it’s her childhood memory. It’s kind of an afterimage in her mind, the 2 old toothbrushes that her parents used. (It’s a simple presentation yet she was able to express her deep thoughts of her parents through some daily life items. wow!) 

 photo artwork_myparents_zpsc51d2511.jpg

My sister
 photo artwork_mysister_zps4d522861.jpg

Mango 1
 photo artwork_mango1_zpsd708c2d0.jpg

Mango 2
 photo artwork_mango2_zps71c103d4.jpg

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