Sunday, October 27, 2013

Never Give Up to Blog

Sad. That’s the feeling when our favorite blog will be closed/the blogger will stop blogging.

I just saw a post in one of my favorite blogs, the admin was sad because she read announcement her favorite blog will be closed.

Talking about ‘stop blogging’ or ‘closing a blog’, I had that thought too sometimes. There is time when I don’t update a blog for a month or more than a month. It usually means I’m busy, I feel bored in blogging, i have no ideas for posting or I think to stop blogging.

Maybe you know I have some blogs with different topics. I ever thought to have one blog only but it’s difficult for me who have many interests kkk…
Sometimes having many blogs create problems. I should find more time to update all. Sometimes I focus on a blog and ignore other blogs hehehe…

And… here’s another problem I get if the blog talks about celebs like my blog, MinSun LibGall. There’s time when there are so many updates… many articles, photos, etc. it means I should blog everyday. I’m aware I can’t handle all of them. I’m not a kind of person spends all time in front of laptop. That’s why my blog not focus on updating news. And if I update news, it will be late hehehe…

I choose which news, photos, etc. then if they are interesting, I’ll post them on my blog.

Also, I post what things in my mind. I usually get new ideas by seeing news, articles, or photos. For example, I found pics of Café Manolin credit to peipei via Janey. That’s just so many Café Manolin pics but see them I decide I can use them for 2 or 3 different topics/posts.

The last question I get from my favorite blog is “when you get busier in real life, will you stop blogging? And until when you will blog?”

I like blogging and writing… I don’t know until when I’ll blog on MinSun LibGall and my other blogs. I think I’ll spend my time to update blog even it’s not regularly.

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