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[STARCAST] "Master of Black Look" How does Lee Min Ho Wear Black Look?

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Lee Min-ho is the master of a black look. He has given off chic vibes in various black looks at official occasions and red carpets. Black color emphasized his tall and slim body in a classy way. In addition, his well-defined face went well with a calm black look. 

His black look has three principles. He chooses a tight fit, controlled details and designs, and, finally, pants long enough to reach his ankle bone. The neat pants cuffs accentuate his proportioned body. These principles resulted in a black look that is not boring.

He sometimes shows his personality without going overboard. In a dandy look where he matched a shirt with pants, he used a bow tie or leather sandals as a fashion point. The point color is grey. The same mono-tone color gave his look a modern and sophisticated feel. For an all-black suit, he paid attention to a design. He showed off his exceptional fashion sense by choosing a tuxedo jacket or a collarless top.

Lee Min-ho’s stylist Jung Hye-jin said, "A black look can be developed into a dandy look full of masculine vibes. That is why Lee Min-ho prefers a black look. For a suit, a focus is placed on a fit. A suit of a strong texture and fabric rather than ordinary materials is used as a fashion point.

Let us take a closer look at Lee Min-ho’s black look.

★ Edgy dandy look

In men’s wear, ‘a shirt and pants’ is a basic fashion code. Anyone can wear it, but not everyone can look edgy in it. The shirt look is the best example of how all of Lee Min-ho’s strong points are emphasized. He still showed off long legs in ankle-length pants. He put his shirt in his pants, making an eye-catching flat stomach line with no fat. His styling conscious of his strong points was impressive.

It might have been boring if he wore only a shirt and pants. Lee Min-ho added several points to show his personality. He gave off trendy vibes as if he just came down from a runway stage by wearing an illustrated man-to-man t-shirt made of unique materials. The combination of a tuxedo shirt, a bow tie, a black shirt and pants, and gladiator leather sandals added a fierce feel to his look. 

★ Black suit

A black suit is one of the most formal men’s looks. Lee Min-ho wore a black suit in a more witty way than a classic style. He showed an easy-going and trendy styling in a casual shirt without a tie. He made sure to choose a slim fit to accentuate his tall height and solid body. He wore diverse types of shoes from dress shoes to casual sneakers.

The most noticeable item is a jacket. He chose a simple color, but a bold design. That is why just a single t-shirt can make him look sophisticated even without a shirt and a tie. A tuxedo jacket decorated with a black satin on the collars became a fierce fashion point for his black look. He looked charismatic in a collarless jacket with thick shoulder pads. 

★ The point is grey

Grey is frequently used as a point for a black look. The pale grey removed a heavy and stuffy feel of a black look, which gained a cold and sophisticated feel instead. Grey is less likely to fail than color matching and looks good in any look. Grey harmonized the overall styling and brought stability since it is a color derived from black.

His styling is simple. He pairs a black suit with a grey t-shirt or a black innerwear and pants with a grey jacket. It is a simple tone-on-tone match, but Lee Min-ho’s dark skin looked healthy and attractive. He chose a deep neck round one for an innerwear t-shirt to naturally reveal a solid chest line. Plus, he gave off sex appeal at the same time. He chose a jacket of a structural design for a grey suit for an edgy feel.

★ Three best black looks

▶ The black shirt and pants added a masculine feel. He unbuttoned just one button, but his broad shoulders and solid chest were naturally emphasized. The black shoes with white soles looked best with the simple all-black look. He drew attention by having the shortest haircut since his debut. The hairstyle completed with light waves became an elegant point for his all-black look.

▶ He is armed with a hot style items suggested in the four major fashion weeks for the 2013 F/F season. He donned dark grey pants and a white shirt. The point is the layered man-to-man t-shirt. He reflected the latest trend. He chose a shirt with a three-dimensional illustration. The bold hairstyle where his frontal hair being puffed added a fresh feel like that of an idol star.

▶ He wore a black military look. He matched beige Chino pants with a denim shirt. Here, he added a black military coat characterized by gold buttons and red-striped cuffs. He kept the collar raised to emphasize his charisma. The slim-fit Chino pants looked stylish in Lee Min-ho’s long legs.

Written by Song Eun-ju (Dispatch)

Photograph=Dispatch DB, CFP (China Foto Press)

Credit star.naver/leeminho

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