Sunday, October 27, 2013

That Moment-2010

Today I read again some pages of my diary in 2010. there are some parts talking about MinSun. I won’t share it here =P

Then I found a part talking about how I really like Café Manolin. FYI, I just knew that café is Hye Sun’s in 2010. Am I late? Maybe yes. Other fans had known that café since 2009.

Are you confused? I’m her fan but just knew she has café in 2010? Yes, at that time I’m not focus on her and Min Ho. So, I don’t know everything about them well.

And when I know about them more, I’ll be crazier about them. Feel like they are part of my daily life haha…

Sometimes there’s time I think I want to back to the time when I know nothing...

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