Sunday, December 1, 2013

From 'MinSun Library & Gallery' to 'Mindeulle Sunflower'


Just inform you... I changed the blog name from MinSun Library & Gallery to Mindeulle Sunflower ^^ There are some reasons why. I want this blog being a blog that can communicate with Minoz and Sunnies, not only MinSunners. Also, I think my vision and mision of why I created this blog, there is time when I feel I don't follow the vision and mision hehehe...

Thank you for all of you, the visitors... the likers on Facebook... the followers on Twitter (sorry I can't follow back all of you T_T) for visiting, reading, and supporting my blog.

Update 12 Jan 2014 : back to use MinSun LibGall name. Just make the blog link and the blog name are same. Minoz and Sunnies are welcome, we can still communicate ^^

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