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[MAGAZINE] Koo Hye Sun for ELLE January 2014

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Scan by bambi
English translation by cheerkoo @ GHS thread soompi

Elle: Jan. 2014
Ku Hye Sun + Kusama Yayoi
"??? I do not normally wear jewelry which, to me, seem to be more than just an accessory. If I would wear it, I would think about doing it specially only for a special occasion. I like what I am wearing today because it feels more like an art piece rather than an accessory. While participating in the
ChungJoo International Art and Craft Festival, I became even more interested in crafts. 'Thing of beauty', at least the way I see what is beautiful, is not only what sparkles. Aesthetic harmony can be accomplished even from what is messy and chaotic. I also feel that when I feel affection and love for it, it becomes beautiful.  When I have such feelings for a dog or a fish, they become so precious. Just as a vintage item once lovingly touched by someone else becomes so valuable, I am so glad that I happened to come across so many great artists. The necklace I am wearing today is made by Kusama Yayoi and I feel even greater appreciation and understanding of her work after I learned of her recent unfortunate story. My own writings and drawings may be exposed to the public, but that does not mean that I consider my work any more special. I feel that most people have hobbies that comfort their loneliness and I believe that we all have the potential to become artists. Being able to put aside thoughts that heavily occupy one's mind and becoming calm...Even if my conscious mind would tell me to ??overlook it, my subconscious mind would worry about other people's judgments and standards. Creation/creativity seems to put me on the path of feeling personally free. Soon, I will be 'cranking-in' (starting) a movie, Daughter, for which I am in charge of directing and starring. I am going to try not to expect a lot and I want to enjoy it as fully as possible."

Writer, artist, director, actress...GHS displays much more in this promotional photoshoot. Kusama Yayoi's "bloomed from agony" necklace made from wool hangs on multi-talented GHS. White leather one-piece outfit is by Johnny Hates Jazz.

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