Saturday, December 21, 2013

[MOVIE] Daughter

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Directed, written, and stars by Koo Hye Sun.

Cast : Koo Hye Sun, Shim Hye Jin, Lee Hae Woo


English trans. by cheerkoo @ GHS thread soompi
  • GHS's third feature-length movie~~~About the distorted educational training in the name of love --GHS's own unique concept is well reflected in the movie's title.
  • GHS's has established her talent as a director who displays unique storyline and beautiful and colorful cinematography. Daughter's stillcuts --black and white and color pix well display the conflict of mother and daughter. The film shots of being hit with a stick and of boiling the laundry over the stove leave an impressive images of the strict and oppressive mother. GHS's still cuts of bleeding face and of the empty expression in looking at the cotton candy also give a rich impression  into the daughter's psychology of cruel and yet possibly warm memories..
Movie DAUGHTER deals with a woman (Ku Hye-Sun) who grew up with a strict mother (Shim Hye-Jin) who used corporal punishment for discipline. The daughter, now an adult, almost breaks off her relationship with her mother, but a change happens. 

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