Friday, March 28, 2014

Ask Lee Min Ho - Bench Fun Meet in Manila 21 March 2014

So In Love with LMH Benchsetter LMH Fun Meet Manila.
Cre : SoundCheckMNL @ Twitter.
#AskLeeMinHo : If you'd be born again, who would you want to be? 
#LeeMinHoAnswers : "I want to be born Lee Min Ho again to meet more people

#AskLeeMinHo : How do you define love? 
#LeeMinHoAnswers : "Love is the thing in life that makes a person passionate, comfortable & happier.
There are some Q & A posted on Twitter but I only post 2 Q & A. I think these two are the most interesting.

MH said he wants to be born as himself again. With this answer I think he loves himself, he is comfortable to be himself, he is just the way he is. Good! Love him more ^^

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