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[Interview] Lee Min Ho - QQ "Cover Story"

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[Interview] 이민호 QQ "Cover Story" via 腾讯娱乐 
English translation by Jominz @ Lee Minho 이민호 ღ Global Minoz
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MH: Hi everyone, I’m Lee Min Ho. Happy New Year!

Q: Will you scare by the Chinese fans enthusiasm?

MH: I don’t feel confused! China fans always show their enthusiastic side. Actually to me, I always feel worried for them, for me is okay. Like in airport, a place crowded with people, very likely to have hazardous situation. If fans can take note of their own safety, I feel will be even better.

Q: Have you walk out of Kim Tan’s role?

MH: Normally, I needed quite a period of time to walk out of the role but this time in “Heirs”, I did not have that kind of feel. During the period of filming, I always feel that I am Kim Tan, Kim Tan is Lee Minho. Therefore, after filming, to walk out of that role (need a period of time), that feel seems to go away, very naturally back to Lee Minho’s identity.

Q: Is there any method of helping yourself to play/act?

MH: (Smile...) this time the filming process for “Heirs” is enjoyable and at the same time, it’s quite a long period, the time to get into the feelings approximately about two to three weeks. During that two to three weeks, I had a hard time trying to adapt, with my body and with my feeling, feels very depressing. I can’t get my spirit up.

Q: Do you think Kim Tan is love at first sight to Eun Sang?

MH: First, basically a person, anyone can suddenly get caught in love. For me is to complete what is the requirement of the drama, therefore that love at first sight many viewers do not agree but to love someone at first sight, will automatically care for that person, also will appear at your sight. Among the viewers, there will definitely have someone who has the same feeling of love at first sight. In US when met Cha Eun Sang for the first time, and because happened to see her painful and bad situation, as a human being (looking at her) will automatically feel sorry, will treasure and wants to protect her. Therefore, on the second day morning when they met, saw Eun Sang pulling her hair will feel “ah” will Kim Tan fall for her because of this situation.

Q: What is the difference between Kim Tan and you?

MH: From born starts in the rich 2nd generation, (smile… cute!)

Q: Crying scenes in “Heirs”, is it difficult for you?

MH: For me, the previous time I cried in real life, I can’t recall when because it’s too long ago. Actually, during filming when I saw the script, I was worried if I can naturally have tears? This type of worried happen before is because in real life, I am actually a person who doesn’t really cry. To me, think back the past incident other than script, like recalling back the hard times, sad situation will make me hard to concentrate (during filming) and will also affect my concentration, so might as well think naturally in that situation, the relationship with the people around you (his role), how will he think as the role. Like this seems to be able to concentrate the script during filming.

Q: After Kim Tan, do you have new understanding of love?

MH: Yes, correct! (Smile…) Through “Heirs” filming this time, I have a new understanding of love. Drama filming process, also received the most feedback so feel that when a person grows at the meantime their thinking will also change, the more you participate in social life, will have more views between human relationships and will also bother to notice. How to say it? That is totally as a pure loving heart, adhere the spirit of perseverance, seem to need a lot of courage. To me, if this type of love happen, I will use a sincere heart to prove myself, will wish to experience once the love like Kim Tan.

Q: Do you smile often normally?

MH: I am the type of person who likes to smile, I really don’t know. When I smile, I feel great. When I smile, I don’t think at all. Perhaps is I don’t think anything, just smile from the heart makes people think and feels charming.

Q: Do you take care of others in real life?

MH: Personally, I prefer someone who really knows how to take care of others. I always have this “take care of others” thought, should think and care (others) but in action, I seems not able to do better. I always have this thought. To others, will always don’t want to miss anything, take extra care but in actual action, I did not do it well enough.

Q: Will you say cheesy love words to girlfriend, can say one?

MH: I am not the type who will say those cheesy love words. I really can’t. Just those type of cheesy words, I will just laugh when I think about it. Therefore, I just can’t. Do I like you? (*This is not cheesy words!!)

Q: Why do you accept the movie “Gangnam Blues”?

MH: First, I feel in dramas there are many choices of roles which I feel are more satisfying. At my age, I want to try those roles in dramas seems more and to have one beam movie, at age 25, 26 is the most controversy. Now if according to Korea’s calculation, I am 28 years old. Should be ready to be responsible for a movie. Opportunity wise, I am able to lead a movie.

Q: Is there great difference in the new role and you?

MH: Seems to me, the role is even a bigger gap, like need to go through a lot. In my previous role, there isn’t any of the challenge. Among my present roles that I acted before seems none, character wise is a brand new role.

Q: What is your secret to skincare and body?

MH: This I am not very sure. I am those who will cover much about appearance. Therefore, for skincare also the same, seems don’t have. For me, once starts filming, I will prepare myself 2 months before, seriously starts exercising, will sweat a lot and will have a lot of training.

Q: How do you handle when you are unhappy?

MH: When I feel pressured, perhaps like this like that thinking extremely a lot, seems like there isn’t any way to solve, at times will ask “How?” Question like this will be bothered for some time. Then will accidentally doze off which happens many times. After wake up from good sleep, I will feel myself more fresh. The earlier stress, there is no special remedy to relieve. Like just now we say, generally is my own thoughts to think too much. Like what I mentioned earlier, talking to each other, I feel girls do that more often. Girls grumble between themselves is also a way of releasing stress. For me, I am not those will bring my problem and talk to anyone so sleeping seems more effective method for me.

Q: How many times you have come to China? Ever go anywhere to play?

MH: No such situation although I am here many times but the extra time spent here isn’t a lot. Therefore, I wish there will be a day, not for public work, to come to China and travel to some tourist place or desert etc. (too many places that I wish to go) those especially want to go, I hope will have a chance next time, not openly, individually, secretly visit. Although I am not those into travelling, but in a year, there should one or twice resting period, also a time to have some thoughts. Especially want to go South Pole. That kind place where you can feel the nature or Africa. Want to challenge this type of places.

Q: Are you worried to get spotted when you go out by yourself?

MH: In Korea now, I will go out by myself sometimes. Go to nearby places to eat but before that I will think thrice. Whatever things I do, I need to consider is it suitable. From this point, is not very convenient. If suddenly go out, will cause some disturbance so although I can’t go out and walk freely here and there but if to eat rice or to meet anyone, I can still arrange it well.

Q: Will you cook at home?

MH: Too troublesome, I won’t.

Q: Did China fans ever done something that touched your heart?

MH: When I was here for concert, China fans will gathered together to come and see my performance. Sang a song for me, at that time, I feel very touched. A Chinese song, can’t remember the name.

Q: China tour is going to start soon, are you nervous?

MH: Every performance, I will feel very nervous, can present a different stage. Whatever it is, my profession is an actor, through different performances, I can give the fans a different new appearance. This is actually one of the challenging things therefore, while anticipating, while feeling the burden, and once performance start, to be able to gather with fans, feeling the atmosphere, I also feel happy in stage. Also, will feel touched and (performance) ended, I will feel a little bit sad and dreary. The concert stress and ever feel no appetite but not to the extent of can’t eat.

MH: Thank you

Cr: 腾讯娱乐
Translated by Jominz @Lee Minho 이민호 ღ Global Minoz

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