Friday, March 28, 2014

Running Man episode 190 - Angel Eyes Team

It was the first time I watched Running Man. It's so funny. I couldn't stop laughing when watching it. There are some funny moments in this episode :

  • Running Man (RM) team said Hye Sun is pretty and she is best known for her pale/transparent skin especially when she stood beside Kwon Hae Yo. Then, Kwon moved his standing position and made Lee Sang Yoon stood next to Hye Sun.
  • When Kim Ji Suk made a joke by telling a RM member (sorry I forget who he is) that Angel Eyes (AE) team and RM team already made a far distance in running upstairs. Also, when Ji Suk tried to blocked a RM member by hugging that member from the back.
  • Seung Ri tried to block Song Ji Hyo's way but Ji Hyo hit him then Kang Ha Neul helped Seung Ri to block her by holding Ji Hyo's feets.
  • Hye Sun blocked Kim Jong Kook's way then both of them walked together. A crew said "What are you doing? Dating?". LOL.
  • Hye Sun and Jong Kook reached the highest floor of the building then Jong Kook ran and got his flag. He thought RM team won but.... then a crew told them, the real mission is they should answer the questiong : what word written under the tiger pic?
  • Seung Ri fell from his chair and an AE member said " Seung Ri, that's too much".
Actually, there are so many funny moments. I just remember what I wrote above. If you not watch it yet, I think you would enjoy it ^^

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