Sunday, April 6, 2014

Koo Hye Sun's Inspiring Quotes (4)

"It was not OK even though I pretended it was OK on the outside. That is being human. To avoid being hurt, I don't want to appear all fine or escape the situation. To be able to not become upset with strangers is to acknowledge them. That is the freedom that I want. I think most people define freedom as doing whatever they want to do. Doing whatever we want to do is just basically doing whatever we want to do. However, within freedom, there exists proper conduct, respect for others and ethics. Freedom is about doing without forgetting about what is right. If one throws away the ethical responsibility and choose to do act with cowardice, that is not freedom. My utmost priority and wish for my life is to become more free."

F.OUND magazine, English translation by cheerkoo

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