Sunday, July 6, 2014

Choi Jin Hyuk has High Praise for Lee Min Ho

I find this @ JoonDi MinSun thread soompi page 1171~~

Credit goes to celes80 at Choi Jin Hyuk thread who translated this part of the article.
CJH who played the brother, has high praise for LMH,"Among all the actors I know, he has the best character". 
CJH has high praise for LMH “Amongst all the actors I know, he has the best character.”
CJH said: “Lee Min Ho is a really wonderful person.  He is still young, but he is mindful in his dealings with others, whether they are young or more senior than him, and to the staff as well. Regarding this point, he is very similar to senior Jung Woo Sung.” 
He continued: “Lee Min Ho is someone who is very clear about what he likes and dislikes, and other people may dislike that. I am the same (type of person) too. But, the Lee Min Ho I know is someone who is extremely simple-minded, candid and warm-hearted.” He added: “Furthermore, he has a cute side to him.  He is a brother that I really like very much.”

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