Sunday, July 27, 2014


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PROMIZ (PMZ) = Promise X Lee Min Ho X Minoz
"Love of Minoz to the world starting in 2014"
PROMIZ (PMZ) is a new concept of donation platform of sharing great love from Lee Min Ho's official fan club 'Minoz'.
It is born with Min Ho's wish of sharing love in more sophisticated way and building a long-term relationship with his fans.
"2014년, Minoz의 사랑은 서로를 넘어 세상을 향합니다."
배우 '이민호'와 공식 팬클럽 'Minoz'의 사랑을 한데 모아 세상에 더욱 큰 사랑을 나누는 신개념 기부 플랫폼으로
팬들과의 장기적인 소통과 성숙한 사랑을 나누고자 하는 이민호씨의 마음을 담아 오랜 준비끝에 탄생하였습니다.
: PROMIZ(PMZ)를 소개합니다.


Video greeting message from LMH at Promiz launching party 14.03.2014

I like what MH said in the first video :

While I was able to live my life happily because of my fans, others are able to live through the clean supply of water.
To some people it is just regular water that you can get anywhere, however to others, it is precious water that people are trying desperately to get.
So now, the actions that both you and I can take should not just be left in our hearts, but must actually be carried out.
"make a change"
"take action now"
"It all starts from you"

English translation by LMH girlfriend

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