Friday, August 8, 2014

MinSun LibGall 2nd Blogiversary : What I Learned from Blogging at MinSun LibGall


August 11, 2014 is MinSun LibGall 2nd blogiversary (some people said it blogoversary). I wrote this post earlier. For 2nd blogiversary, I wanna share with you all what I learned from blogging at MinSun LibGall. Enjoy it! ^^

Love MH & HS balancedly. Before creating this blog, I ever asked myself,” Can I call myself as a Minoz?” to be honest at that time I was aware that I was Sunnies more than Minoz. That’s why I didn’t want to call myself a Minoz, I was embarrassed to call myself a Minoz when my focus was HS more than MH (is it a problem of every couple shipper?). Then blogging about MH too made me know him more, love him too as a person not just a part of couple with HS. That’s why I don’t like if some people always blame him when he has romantic scenes with other actresses. Please stop blaming him!

Respect copyrights. I see other Minoz, Sunnies and MinSunners always give source/credit in the forum or blog when they post news, pics, etc. which are not their own. I do the same, always try to respect copyrights. Even I do it too for my another blog.

Respect MH & HS co-stars. To be honest, I was peevish with some of MH’s co-stars (a problem again for couple shippers?). I will not hate them anymore. It’s so tired of hating someone. I try to find positive sides in them. I always believe everyone has their positive sides and negative sides. My principle is to follow their positive sides and do not follow the negative.

Respect others. This blog name is MinSun LibGall. To me, MinSunners mean people not only ship MH and HS as a couple but also those who idolize MH (Minoz) and those who idolize HS (Sunnies) as a person. But for some people, MinSunners just mean people who ship MH and HS as a couple but not idolize them as a person separately. I know not all people like MH and HS or ship them together. I respect them.

Creative with ideas. Just see pics, sometimes I get ideas to make a post for this blog. Example : when I saw MH and baby pic, I got an idea to make feature “LMH loves babies and children”. Sometimes visiting other blogs, fan pages, forum also give me ideas to make new features. I think blogging here teaches me to see everything can become ideas.

Sometimes I want to give up or stop blogging. Having more than one blog means I must have more time to manage them. Whenever I tried to stop blogging, I will always come back to update my blogs. Does it mean I really can’t stop blogging?

I thank to God for letting me know MH & HS through BOF in 2009. Thank to MH and HS for always inspiring me. Thank to people around me who always keep me to be just a normal fan – not to be too fanatic fan :p Thank to all Minoz, Sunnies and MinSunners for giving me updates. Thank to all of you for visiting, reading, liking, and supporting this blog ^^


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