Tuesday, September 2, 2014

31 July 2014 : Cafe Manolin Business is Closing

Maybe some of you already know this. I am very sad too. I have never been at Cafe Manolin but I really love it. Thank you Cafe Manolin for everything~ This cafe will be in our heart always... I am sad T_____T


English translation by cheerkoo @ GHS soompi thread page 1485
This page has a pix posted on Cafe Manolin's shutter~ very sad.

"As of July 31, our business is closing."
One person left her experience at Cafe Manolin along with that pix of business closing.

여기는 서래마을 마놀린This is Surae Village's Manolin.
구혜선이 운영하는 까페로 유명한 곳A famous cafe known to be run by GHS.

분 위기는 제스타일과는 쬐끔멀었지만 캐주얼하고 아기자기한 느낌+강아지가 있어서 좋았던 곳!이었어요 It may not be quite my style but it feels casual and pretty. I liked that there was a puppy there.
음료 양이 대박많은게 큰 장점?!ㅋㅋ 배부르게 많은 곳이었어요 I loved that the amount of beverage given is huge! keke I got filled up there!

여 기도 친구가 데려간 건데 얘가 전에 우리 학교에서 무슨 강연회로 구혜선씨 왔을때 갔었는데 MY friend took me there. This friend once met GHS when she came to her college for a lecture. 
너 무 이쁘고 말도 잘하고 생각도 맘에 든다고 너무 괜찮았었다구 그러더라구요? My firend says that GHS is truly pretty and that she really loved that way she thinks and that she is really fine person.

근데 나갈때 구혜선씨가 와서 처음 봤는데 뭐 예상대로 하얗고 예쁘고 말랐더라그요 ^^^
그 럴줄알았어 뭐..... 별로 놀랍지않아.........As I was about to leave, GHS-ssi walked in. That was my first time seeing her. As expected, she is white and pretty and thin. I already knew that...well...I was not even that surprised. 

테라스에서 뭔가 미팅하는 것 같았어요ㅎㅎIt seems like she was having some kind of a meeting at the terrace. hoho
놀랍지않다면서 엄청 자세히 지켜봄ㅋㅋㅋㅋ  I was not surprised by her but I could not take my eyes off her and just stared at her. keke

또 마무리를 어째야할지 모르겠다... 휴 ㅜㅜㅋㅋ How do I end this...phew...

이 날 우리는 구혜선을 보고 같은 세상 왜이렇게 다르게 살아야하나 한탄을 하며 신세계까지 걸어가서 That day, we stared at GHS and wondered and lamented as to  why and how the world is so different for different people when we all live under the same sky and just walked all the way to ?Shn Se Ge.
해가 안지는 바람에 시간감각없이 식품관에서 둘이 메뉴결정 못하고 헤메다가
백화점 셔터닫기직전 급하게 저녁 사먹다가 거의 쫓겨나다시피 나왔다는...
그 런 슬픈 마무리  We spent a lot of time at an eatery taking long time on the menu and got nearly kicked out before  closing..as we did not realize what time it is due to sun still being out late..Somehow, it was a sad ending....

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