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Koo Hye Sun - Interview with MaxMovie

 인터뷰 | <다우더> 구혜선 감독 “가족을 용서할 수 있을까”

English translation by cheerkoo @ GHS thread soompi page 1534. 
기 타노 다케시 감독은 가족에 대해 “누가 보지만 않는다면 갖다 버리고 싶은 존재”라고 말했다. Director Kitano Dageshi once made this comment about family: "When nobody is looking, one might think about tossing out the family." 구혜선 감독 역시 “그런 심리가 모두에게 있다. 없을 수가 없다”고 고백했다.  Dir GHS also confesses that : "I think everyone has had such a thought. No way to deny it." (skip parts) 구혜선 감독 역시 “말하고자 한 것이 부모 자식 간의 용서와 화해는 아니었다”고 잘라 말한다. Dir GHS cuts to the chase: "I am not telling a story of forgiveness or reconciliation between parent and child."

The <Dauder> story came out because she started to think about 'what kind of mother am I going to be?', 'what kind of mother was my mother?', etc. We all know that it also started because many of her friends started to have children. She first showed her completed movie to her own friends long before it was shown to the public. Her friends told her that most daughters would have  experienced certain aspects of what happens in the movie. Even if their situation was not as extreme as in the movie, they most likely have heard this while growing up : "Do you know how I raised you?"

First of all, the biggest reason for making this movie is for the business success. The movies that I made before did not make the money. (laughter)  Of course, business success was not the only reason for making <DAUDER>. I thought that there aren't too many movies about women so then I thought what type of movie story would bring the greatest commonality/sympathy among women without costing so much money. "Mother" popped into my head.  However, there are many movies already about warm and loving mothers and not so many about mothers who are cold and can be seen in a negative light.  I felt that <Dauder>'s more realistic perspective may bring out greater identification and sympathy. I wanted a chance to think about twisted love between mother and daughter and maybe its related deep rooted problems.

Then she talks about difficulty of directing and acting at the same time and how she really wanted to play a cold character.

When she was asked about her ability to write a scenario fairly fast, GHS says that she was suddenly fired up and inspired to write the scenario that it did not take too long. The movie itself is not that long that it did not take her long time to write. In the movie, there is a lot of cursing. I was jotting down so many curses and the script was done. (laughter) My stress left me after writing down so many curses. Shim HyeJin-ssi also used to say I am going home after cursing to my heart's content. (laughter). Beside the cursing, most of the script is about the dialogue bet the daughter and the mother. Their conversation is not a fluid conversation because I concentrated on parts of the dialogues that hurt each other. What I inserted are particular dialogue patterns that describe strange and twisted love. What I wanted to stress in the movie is not about forgiveness or reconciliation. My feeling is that family relationship problems are not something that can be simply forgiven or reconciled.  It is just that as the time passes and I am able to look at my parents from the 3rd person's perspective, my heart just breaks for them. One cannot but feel compassion for their inappropriate/misinterpreted way of showing love.<Sunnies, this is the reason that she named her movie DAUDER instead of daughter or TTal which is daughter in Korean. Koreans love learning and using English, but often down the generations wrong pronunciations have been passed down,,,like the wrong way of dealing with certain aspects of mother and daughter...especially mother and daughter when daughter reaches a stage when she can bear a child...>  In a way, family is an extremely strange relationship. 

When GHS was asked about how she is criticized about her various ventures...
 It does not really matter.  I am not saying that I am ignoring what they say. What I am saying is that as much as they have thoughts about it, I also have just as much of my own thoughts.  Also, there are many people who do not only view it with negativity. There are people who do many different things to do one job. (like herself!) I just think that each individual has his or her own way of living.  That is why I feel that such negative views have nothing to do with my life.  As long as what I do does not harm another person, I really do not concern myself with what things others may say about me. I am born stubborn. (laughter).

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